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KFC Blackburn | Where Taste Buds Come Alive

KFC Blackburn is a place where you can find yummy food. It is a fast-food restaurant that has become very popular in Blackburn. They have a menu of tasty food that has been making people happy for a long time.

KFC Blackburn started when people began to want crispy, juicy fried chicken. KFC Blackburn opened and started serving food that people loved. Their Original Recipe Chicken is very famous. It has a golden-brown crust and juicy, flavorful meat. KFC Blackburn also has Zinger Burger Meal, which is spicy and flavorful.

KFC Blackburn Menu
KFC Blackburn - Whitebirk Roundabout

KFC Whitebirk Roundabout

 A678 Whitebirk Roundabout, Frontier Ave, Blackburn BB1 3HR, United Kingdom

KFC Blackburn - Haslingden Road

KFC Blackburn – Haslingden Road

Haslingden Rd, Queens Park, Blackburn BB2 3HQ, United Kingdom

KFC Blackburn - The Mall

KFC Blackburn – The Mall

9-11 Victoria St, Church St, Blackburn BB1 7JE, United Kingdom

Alison CrossleyAlison Crossley
14:50 22 Feb 24
13:11 14 Feb 24
Prompt Service & Fresh Food
22:16 07 Feb 24
Best KFC out the 3 of them in Blackburn
Chelston PhillipChelston Phillip
02:36 07 Feb 24
Warren G FordWarren G Ford
17:22 01 Feb 24
Jay WoodJay Wood
23:34 11 Jan 24
£10 fof 3 small chicken fillets and fries and a drink RIP-OFF never again.
Deady 2012Deady 2012
18:51 05 Jan 24
Happily suprised about this KFC. The place was clean, the food was hot & delish! We was served fast & the place was pretty busy! Realllllly Nice!!
Brad CxyBrad Cxy
21:03 04 Jan 24
Dirty restaurantFront staff having laugh with kitchen staff with head & hair on counterRubbish on floorDirty place poor quality food
Zaheda KZaheda K
18:54 27 Dec 23
Visited just before lunch hours, and service/ food was great.
Junaid PatelJunaid Patel
17:39 25 Dec 23
Maryam GhaffarMaryam Ghaffar
15:10 19 Nov 23
If I could give this 0 I would! But I can't because lowest it can go is 1. Today I have come through the drive thru absolutely rubbish service I can understand it can get busy and some interruptions within the kitchen as I have worked in fast food places. Got to the last window no apologies for the 15 minute wait in the que my chips are missing food is absolutely cold no spoon given for my mash like seriously! I don't think I will be coming back anytime soon. If you don't want to work then leave the job but if you are working behind the counter be people friendly!
lalash hagganlalash haggan
21:48 24 Sep 23
I made an order on drive through, the person behind the window said that there is going to be a delay for 4 minutes as the chicken zinger burger are not ready yet, which made me happy as I'm going to go home with fresh zinger burger, after 2 minutes the same person passed me the food and said its nice and fresh. The bag was used before as I could tell it wasn't new bag, when I got home I did not surprise when I opened the bag there was cold zinger burger and chicken Strips we had to through them away. Sunday 24.09.23 9.14 pm. I wasted £26.96 and very disappointed.
Suf ASuf A
06:45 31 Aug 23
I used to like this kfc and visit often but more than a few times recently this kfc has given me and my family a bad stomach. I truly believe they are not doing something right maybe treatment of the chicken before cooking. It's a shame because my daughter and I used to really like it.
Isabella CozzolinoIsabella Cozzolino
20:51 25 Jul 23
Following the purchase of a freal (tm) milky shake from the euro garage (banging btw) I wandered over for a kfc as I was feeling cheeky. Upon the purchase of a boneless bucket offer I upgraded and also purchased 2x regular sized fries and 1x large gravy, huge mistake, all for £10 (great deal). HOWEVER, when greeted with my order I had received succulent chicken, standard fries and some VERY WET AND WATERY THIN gravy. This was distressing to me so I consulted the lady at the desk to hopefully receive a replacement and a passable new gravy. Instead she simply replied “that’s how it comes.” THATS HOW IT COMES???!!! Is it??? I’ve been to kfc many a time and have never received such a subpar WET container of gravy. I left disappointed sad and hydrated from the WATER. If I wanted a beverage I would’ve ordered a tango orange. Would give 0 stars if I could.
John SmithJohn Smith
19:24 29 Dec 22
Very nice service from a nice charming helpful mind lady.She helped me what I wanted from the menu.The service was goodWow.. In few seconds my order was hot and ready!Despite they were so busy with drive thru orders.3 of the 4 hand wash dispenser in the all gender single area was empty. Both have dryers working. But was very very clean and no bad smell.Very nice ambience to sit in the dining area and good privacy with wall planks between each area against the wall.Background soft music in the background.Very clean place to relax .Family friendly.Plenty of parking space.I got " mighty for one".£8.79Get 2 large fresh cut chips . They were amazing.Get 2 proper large very tasty chicken pieces. Mind you one was to much bone. BoohooThe 2 chicken strips were great in taste but like the chicken pieces oily to Bristol city center KFC I tried 18 months ago.The chicken wings coating is very beer different to KFC in Bristol( last time I tried KFC 18 months ago). Unsure if changed the receipt since it different here. It was more spicy and very thick coating. I like it. But the wings I think we're smaller to Bristol KFC.I definitely would love to find to this KFC again and try a different bucket assortment next time.But the large roundabout is for me difficult to be in the right lane to get off, ended up twice times around it before I was in the right roundabout lane! Lol.Totally recommend this place. I'm told open 10am to 10.30 pm eat in and drive thru is till 11pm.
Robert CoxRobert Cox
15:52 27 Feb 24
Gail PerkinsGail Perkins
21:19 25 Feb 24
Delicious a family boneless bucket, very tasty and crispy x no problems it was yummy xx
Frank RushworthFrank Rushworth
14:48 25 Feb 24
Food was great & tasty however the staff seemed more preoccupied with chatting to each other than serving, to me they were great to the customer in front of me they were awful, not very helpful at all when she was trying to sort out her food for herself & young daughter, instead of being helpful & suggesting different items they were happy to just turn away & roll their eyes. Not that standard of customer service I expect.
koe pelekoe pele
12:59 24 Feb 24
Disgusting I got diarrhoea from this place its Disgusting never again
Ann WoodAnn Wood
14:00 19 Jan 24
Dreadful chips did not eat them. Chicken overdone and not what I asked for. Chicken burger soggy. Attitude of staff ignorant.
Daniel AndersonDaniel Anderson
13:25 17 Jan 24
Darren WilsonDarren Wilson
12:33 13 Jan 24
jamie moorejamie moore
19:57 11 Jan 24
The food not that bad just always missing something form this place 😞
Saqib KhanSaqib Khan
21:16 09 Jan 24
Stuart PettittStuart Pettitt
18:15 18 Nov 23
Amazing food quality and fast time to get served recommended to all
Marie CMarie C
09:37 18 Nov 23
Hardly anyone sat inside eating, was just full of deliveroo/just eat couriers. Was relatively clean and service was pretty quick. We had travelled from Derby and it was on a main route into Blackburn
kacie traviskacie travis
19:05 10 Nov 23
good food a little greasy however bad customer service. ben could not find the food for me so he asked someone else for the help and once the lovely lady had found what i wanted ben then responded to me in a very rude manner,”yeah well do you not think that’s what i meant” and roled his eyes. he also complained about me wanting to use a reward off my app and said “oh i can’t be bothered with this having to type all these numbers in” after huffing and puffing at me. VERY RUDE
Amanda MossAmanda Moss
21:00 07 Nov 23
We were a little let down by the food and maybe we should have returned it. My one piece meal was disappointing, Fries a little undercooked, gravy quite thin, chicken was small and only just cooked. My friend had a fillet burger and fries. Again slightly undercooked fries, fillet burger chicken was good but hardly any salad at all and soggy. Not the best and no reason for it as the restaurant was not busy. And incidentally, the cobwebs around the light fittings were not fake for Halloween; they were real and numerous.
Nithin JacobNithin Jacob
17:15 25 Jul 22
Yesterday I ordered for a takeout and I collected it from the shop, when I checked it after reaching home one item was missing and this is not the first time they are doing this. When you buy from the shop make sure you have the items you ordered. One time I even got feathers from the hot wings.

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