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KFC in Edinburgh holds a significant place in the city’s culinary landscape, offering a taste of globally cherished flavors right in the heart of Scotland. Its importance stems from being a fast-food chain and a cultural icon, symbolizing the fusion of American-style fast dining within the historical richness of Edinburgh.

The story of KFC in Edinburgh began in 1994, marking the inception of a delectable journey for the locals. Since its establishment, this iconic eatery has consistently served a menu that resonates with the diverse palates of the city. Some famous KFC menu items are Party Bucket, Zinger Salad Box, and Zinger Ricebox & Drink

The amalgamation of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s renowned recipes with the distinct essence of Edinburgh has made this KFC branch a beloved part of the city’s culinary identity.

KFC Edinburgh Menu
KFC Edinburgh - St Andrews Street

KFC Edinburgh – St Andrews Street

7 S St Andrew St, Edinburgh EH2 2AU, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - South Charlotte Street

KFC Edinburgh – South Charlotte Street

1-3 S Charlotte St, Edinburgh EH2 4AN, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - Princes Mall

KFC Edinburgh – Princes Mall

The Princess Mall, Unit 11 Princes St, Edinburgh EH1 1BQ, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - Nicolson Street

KFC Edinburgh – Nicolson Street

36 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9DT, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - Meadowbank Retail Park

KFC Edinburgh – Meadowbank Retail Park

Marionville Road Meadowbank, Meadowbank Retail Park, Edinburgh EH7 5TS, UK

KFC Edinburgh - Hermiston Gait Retail Park

KFC Edinburgh – Hermiston Gait Retail Park

Retail Park, Hermiston Gait, Milton Road, Edinburgh EH11 4DG, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - Kinnaird Park

KFC Edinburgh – Kinnaird Park

Kinnaird Retail Park, 32 Newcraighall Rd, Edinburgh EH15 3HR, United Kingdom

KFC Edinburgh - Straiton Road

KFC Edinburgh – Straiton Road

Straiton Rd, Straiton, Edinburgh EH20 9NS, United Kingdom

thanes waranthanes waran
19:23 06 May 24
Cleanliness can be further improved
Keith MillarKeith Millar
19:15 05 May 24
Order food very hot and fresh clean new kiosk line
Matt McAllisterMatt McAllister
19:10 05 May 24
Very good food and service
Billy PatersonBilly Paterson
08:06 05 May 24
When I was in store I spoke with Monika and she was such an upbeat mood and not only raising staff morale but customer morale as well!
Anita VereckeiAnita Vereckei
09:24 25 Apr 24
Grace McLaughlinGrace McLaughlin
19:07 06 Mar 24
Long wait for meal.Empty Tables were not cleaned until we were leaving 😒😒 short staffed maybe.! 🤔 Although we did enjoy the food 😄😄 👌
Gaurav DattaGaurav Datta
22:18 04 Mar 24
Good restaurant. The manager is nice. I accidentally misplaced my eye glasses and he was kind enough to check the cctv footage. Also thanks to another customer who helped me find my glasses finally.
KFC say no more
Shruti VijayanShruti Vijayan
14:45 28 Feb 24
11:08 25 Jan 24
Robinson Antunez OlivaRobinson Antunez Oliva
13:46 24 Jan 24
17:51 22 Jan 24
Missed order notes, I ordered 1 tower burger meal with fries, and unfortunately did not get any fries with it. I entrusted the service as I was in a rush for my tram but next time, note to myself for next time, it’s better to miss the tram to make sure that the order I placed had all the items in the bag. Really disappointed
Tina Singh KhatiTina Singh Khati
09:28 21 Jan 24
Nithin VargheseNithin Varghese
00:39 21 Jan 24
Worst KFC I have gone to ever. Bad food. Worst Customer service. Unclean area. Clogged toilets. Worst experience I have had in a KFC.
14:04 27 Nov 23
Katarzyna DąbekKatarzyna Dąbek
22:56 26 Nov 23
There was a bit of chaos and they didn't give my sister her drink.
Andy MoloneyAndy Moloney
15:20 26 Nov 23
Food very bland
Alistair BertramAlistair Bertram
21:21 24 Nov 23
Nice fast place for a takeaway and sit in is great
Oyndrila RoyOyndrila Roy
01:14 16 Oct 23
Just dropped in for a quick order and takeaway. The service was pretty quick, even though They took some time to take my order. The food was pretty good. There was a very nice watermelon refresher that I really enjoyed which is not available in every KFC. The store is also located at a very prime location which made it very accessible.
Tim HartTim Hart
18:53 08 Oct 23
Venue was absolutely trashed. Staff obviously do not care about cleaning.5 staff standing behind the counter whilst tables are full of rubbish. Had to ask for tables to be cleaned to sit down and eat.
Raghu SRaghu S
15:04 25 Aug 23
I am a great fan of the KFC Bucket.The only reason I'm not rating this place a 1 star was that it was quite late on a very busy night.. The bargain bucket we ordered didn't look like a KFC dish at all.. A badly made home cooked chicken would have been much better.. See the pic to get the picture.
21:45 22 May 23
possibly the worst KFC in the universe. i go in for 10 pieces of chicken then get given 10 hot wings. i say it isnt what i ordered and then had to argue with the worker to get the food i asked for. the worker argues with me that "normal chicken wings" are hot wings and after stating that i dont want hot wings i have to then point to the item on the menu and tell them thats EXACTLY what i want. i then get my box of chicken wings with not a single wing and only those big clumps of chicken with only bones in it that no one likes. it was the most dry meal ive ever had to power through to eat because i live 2 hours away and havent eaten all day. this can only be explained as the workers way of telling me "f you". worst chicken ever. will never return
Nataliia YefimenkoNataliia Yefimenko
17:32 18 Nov 22
Usual chain KFC 🍗 just in the city center next to St. Andrew Square to grab a burger 🍔Enough place to seat around on both floors.Service is good, no concerns.Kids menu options are available with fresh pineapple🍍 and small burger with ketchup that I have not seen before. Corn 🌽 was over, however I got fries 🍟 instead.Prices are moderate as well as menu options.Self-service to order is always great to have.
Blues BenoBlues Beno
22:53 10 May 24
ExpoAutoMEC CataniaExpoAutoMEC Catania
12:28 27 Apr 24
David FlecherDavid Flecher
21:48 26 Apr 24
It’s bangin and finger licking good.
06:19 16 Apr 24
There are more room in basement
Adela StanaAdela Stana
23:52 15 Apr 24
kiran maikiran mai
23:27 03 Mar 24
The place is clean not bad but the service and food is horrible. The chips we received are soggy asked to replace them chicken is burnt and so salty. Very bad experience.
Lee McilwaineLee Mcilwaine
13:48 28 Feb 24
Good food
Sachin Sasidharan NairSachin Sasidharan Nair
13:25 28 Feb 24
The food quality was not adequate.
Memory MatopeMemory Matope
18:54 27 Feb 24
John SmithJohn Smith
10:27 27 Feb 24
I got touched
14:31 22 Jan 24
Michael NgMichael Ng
17:08 20 Jan 24
Good location and the usual food.
21:51 19 Jan 24
it's a kfc
UV ChowdaryUV Chowdary
17:23 19 Jan 24
Libin P EldhoLibin P Eldho
16:25 17 Jan 24
The costumer service is very bad over there
cat earlycat early
21:01 27 Nov 23
Good place as not too busy and was able to order quickly.
Rohit RoyRohit Roy
18:53 27 Nov 23
Another great KFC in the heart of Edinburgh. Food was quality as usual. Although there was a bit of waiting time, however that can be negotiated by the quality of food. I enjoyed the lunch very much with my family.
El FrutoEl Fruto
18:33 27 Nov 23
12:54 24 Nov 23
John DewarJohn Dewar
16:41 22 Nov 23
Another KFC, another pitiful excuse of a fast food joint. Just off Princes Street and full of tourists, you'd think this outlet would up its game enough not to languish bottom of the KFC league for filthiness. And believe me, this is no mean feat. Almost all available tables strewn with leftovers: food boxes, drinks cartons, chicken of every variety and more food on the floor than that being prepared in the ovens. The rubbish station was overflowing with garbage too and when I asked a staff member to clean at least one table and chair so I could actually sit and eat my meal, he stared at me agog as if I'd challenged him to explain Pythagoras Theorem. When a worker eventually appeared (20 mins later) it looked as if even a rocket inserted in his jacksy wouldn't have had sufficient propulsion to blast him towards the lowest state of inertia; his slowness was truly impressive, the gusto with which he carried out his duties a sight to behold. As I've mentioned on other KFC reviews, do Environmental Health for Food Safety officers ever visit these dumps? I bet good ole Colonel Sanders is spinning in his eight-piece combo-bucket because of what's happened to his finger-lickin', artery-cloggin' delights.
18:18 16 Nov 23
Ordered for delivery. Six piece bucket with four small sad leg pieces and two small thighs. No white meat at all. I'm posting this review because this has happened many times before at this location. Their staff members are either not trained well or simply don't care. Foolish me, I keep giving them more chances! Maybe I've finally learned my lesson? Go elsewhere!
Prabesh L. JoshiPrabesh L. Joshi
19:00 04 Nov 23
KFC has same taste at all outlets. But location & customer service makes it different. Staffs were well behaved. And best thing there was a toilet 😀
Dawn HopkinsDawn Hopkins
21:57 28 Oct 23
Purchased a 6 piece bucket for myself and my husband takeaway. Was cold and only had chicken legs!!! Usually there is a thigh, wing price and a leg. Very disappointing ! , was very substandard. Staff didn’t understand when I just wanted to purchase chicken in its own, so had to get a bucket paid £15 for rubbish!!! Will not be back
Sherif AfolayanSherif Afolayan
20:31 05 Apr 23
Server was rude, quantity of food is terrible, worse kfc I’ve ever been to. The rice in the images are supposed to be large, look at then next to my key. And it’s still half a cup, and I paid for large rice

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