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If you’re a fast-food enthusiast or just someone looking for a tasty bite in Gloucester, KFC Gloucester is the go-to spot. This beloved eatery has become a vital part of Gloucester’s dining scene, serving up delicious and finger-licking-good food that has won the hearts of both locals and visitors.

KFC Gloucester became a local favourite, offering the iconic taste of Kentucky-style fried chicken to Gloucester residents. The KFC menu boasts a variety of mouthwatering options, from the classic Original Recipe chicken to the spicy Hot Wings. Each item is crafted with the secret blend of eleven herbs and spices that define KFC’s signature flavor.

Whether you’re a fan of crispy chicken or prefer something zesty, KFC Gloucester has something to satisfy every taste bud.

KFC Gloucester Menu
KFC Gloucester - Eastbrook Road

KFC Gloucester – Eastbrook Road

Eastbrook Rd, Gloucester GL4 3DB, United Kingdom

KFC Gloucester - Goodridge Avenue

KFC Gloucester – Goodridge Avenue

Goodridge Ave, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 5EN, United Kingdom

KFC Gloucester Westgate Street

KFC Gloucester Westgate Street

50 Westgate St, Gloucester GL1 2NF, United Kingdom

bristol city libbybristol city libby
14:22 03 Mar 24
Pysia MarceloPysia Marcelo
09:47 25 Feb 24
James BJames B
19:59 24 Feb 24
Nicole ByrneNicole Byrne
20:59 22 Feb 24
I have been to this KFC multiple times and it’s so disappointing I will no longer be returning in the future. The food is always like warm-cold. And there is a severe language barrier between staff and customers. Now I am not discriminating in any way and I think it’s great that they employ staff from any ethnicity however this poses an issue every time I go my order is incorrect. I drove 30 minutes home this evening to realise my order is wrong and it’s just something I won’t eat and will now no longer put my money into. Such a shame as kfc is a good brand for take away food but this branch needs to rethink their customer facing staff in order to provide a better service.
14:55 21 Feb 24
Sean CaulfieldSean Caulfield
09:31 20 Jan 24
Paraschiva LodromanParaschiva Lodroman
10:54 15 Jan 24
It is a very plasant place to go and eat, kids specially love the food. We coming every week and always staff is helpfull and wellcome.
Rich ApperleyRich Apperley
12:01 13 Jan 24
Bad food poisoning have not been this I'll in years, food tasted funny
Rose WagnerRose Wagner
12:19 12 Jan 24
The queues were horrendously long, but they went down quite quickly, this was on a collecting food order. But delivery isn't good. Food was cold and cold drinks were missing from the order. There is no phone number to complain
17:57 10 Jan 24
Drove to resturant on seeing great offers with prices of 50% off certain meals. Posters everywhere advertising same discounts. However on arrival the discounts weren't working, and therefore I was charged full price. No offer of extra portions or anything, just a hefty bill having driven some considerable distance!! Which was rather disappointing. The food was as expected from a KFC, tasty, warm and well packed. Chips were particularly good, with a nice season added. Staff friendly.
Sam SunnySam Sunny
18:46 22 Nov 23
The food quality is very poor,I had a very bad experience today, ordered a Christmas special bucket which contains bad smelling wings pieces, when i asked this to the staff she said it is the normal smell of the chicken and was not accepting the fault.Not recommended this KFC.
Shamel doyleShamel doyle
17:59 02 Oct 23
I ordered a bbq tower burger box meal and had a side of southern fried rice while I was eating the rice I had discovered plastic in my food so I had contacted kfc to speak to the manager about this situation and I kindly asked for her name and she replied “I don’t have to give you my name” I replied okay I will take this to other authorities so I contacted just eat and had spoke to someone and they said they would give me £1.99 for the rice I said I didn’t want £1.99 this isn’t a joke what if this was a child eating this they could have chocked or even wore could have caused serious injury to a child but the manager from kfc was not doing nothing about this situation or just eat so I advice everyone to not order from just eat or kfc on east-brook because this is horrific how they just don’t care
A good quality KFC restaurant that has greatly improved its food quality. The only downside is you have to order through there screens so can't ask questions and the bins always seem full so can get messy. Other than that a great place for a quick family meal out.
Chantelle KatireChantelle Katire
11:46 15 Apr 23
The one on eastbrook road has quick service, staffs are friendly, when you can't make up your mind on what to order they indeed let you take your time or even better suggest specials available❤️❤️My only Wish is that it starts selling dunked wings😩🙏🏻🙏🏻 like in South Africa..DUNKED WINGS PLEASE?
Luis AlvarengaLuis Alvarenga
16:35 08 Apr 23
don’t get me wrong I love KFC but the prices are getting quite high hence giving 4 stars! despite being very good, you can’t beat real chicken, not like other fast food chains! my only complain apart from steep price was that my wife chicken fillet was bigger than mine which is frustrating, you expect portions to have the same size, something KFC needs to address! the store was also recently refurbished and looks very nice which is a plus if you wanna eat there! almost impossible not to spend over 10£ per person
21:45 02 Feb 24
We went today to kfc originally we went to McDonald's but it was a bit crowded and busy so the wife and I decided to go to kfc as the fries are banging
Iqra AlamIqra Alam
02:56 28 Jan 24
Amazing food and customer service
Tom PriceTom Price
22:15 25 Jan 24
All food is prepared to the highest quality and there is a good vibe inside. It's open until 1am! My favourite KFC branch in the area.
15:50 24 Jan 24
Raghesh KNRaghesh KN
09:10 21 Jan 24
Very nice food, good ambience.
04:12 19 Jan 24
This is my second time went to this kfc the worst I have been, First time was disappointing, second time was the same, chicken were not fresh, old, hard and cold. Again, most end up in the bin. I regret not to check first before leaving this restaurant. Utterly wasting our money and time. Won't be back.
Simon HiiemaeSimon Hiiemae
17:21 18 Jan 24
Absolute disgrace.I took my son in just now. Ordered him the children’s chicken burger meal with a milkshake and the three piece meal for myself. His ‘burger’ looked like it had been sat on. One of my chicken portions was normal size, the other two were ridiculously small (one was literally a square inch) I took one bit and it was like biting into a well used running shoe. The staff were innatentive and slow, and the napkin station was empty - in a very quiet restaurant.I took our tray back to the counter and informed them I would rather waste the £13 than eat that disgrace. Avoid at all cost.
Tom BucklandTom Buckland
06:34 17 Jan 24
Was okay
Zain CraxfordZain Craxford
16:37 14 Jan 24
Bledar ZefiBledar Zefi
23:03 12 Nov 23
The worst place to eat at. Dont recomand it , dont order and dont spend money. The manager completly stiupid and disrespectful.If there is any option 0star i would give it to them
guy sugdenguy sugden
20:58 20 Oct 23
Friendly staff but food was utterly disgusting, cold chips and dried miniscule portions of chicken. KFC you need to do better. Not recommended.
Ben SmithBen Smith
12:44 05 Oct 23
I was feeling hungry and lunch time was coming up, so I decided to order some KFC. I love their chicken, but I also have a soft spot for their fries. I was looking forward to my meal, hoping it would cheer me up.I opened the bag and took out the box of fries. I opened it and saw a pile of golden sticks, steaming and inviting. I picked one and bit into it, feeling the crunch and the warmth. It was delicious.I reached for another one, but something caught my eye. There was a chip that was longer than the rest, much longer. It was sticking out from the bottom of the box, almost touching the edge. It looked like a snake, or a worm, or a tentacle. It was an ungodly creation, a freak of nature. I stared at it in disbelief, wondering how it got there.I felt a mix of curiosity and disgust, but also a strange attraction. I wanted to touch it, to feel it, to taste it. It was like a challenge, a dare, a test of my courage. I decided to go for it. I grabbed the chip by its end and pulled it out of the box. It was heavy and limp, like a wet noodle. It was longer than my arm, maybe even longer than my leg. It was ridiculous.I held it up in front of me, examining it closely. It looked like a normal chip, except for its size. It had the same colour, texture, and smell as the others. It was just a chip, but it was also more than that. It was a miracle, a mystery, a wonder.I felt a surge of excitement and adrenaline, and also a bit of hunger. I decided to eat it, to devour it, to conquer it. I opened my mouth wide and took a big bite from its tip. It was crunchy and salty, just like the others. But it also had something else, something special. It had a flavour of victory, of glory, of destiny.I chewed and swallowed, then took another bite. And another one. And another one. I ate the chip like a savage, like an animal, like a king. I didn't care about anything else, only about the chip. It was the best part of my meal, and maybe even of my life.I finished the chip and licked my fingers clean. I felt satisfied and proud, and also a bit silly. I had just eaten a chip that was super long and an ungodly creation. It was absurd and hilarious, but also amazing and unforgettable.I smiled and laughed at myself, feeling happy and amused. I had just had an adventure with a chip, and it had made my day. Thank you, KFC, for giving me this experience with your awesome food and service. You are the best!
connor hainesconnor haines
21:53 22 Sep 23
The new KFC is much like the old one, hasnt changed much. Lots of confusion over the orders and whos is whos. Ordered twice in there and they have got ours wrong both times. Also both times we have seen people complaining about somthing.This is the first week of launch however so mabey the staff will gain more experience and the place will get better. They look very stressed atm.
Mohammed DegiaMohammed Degia
15:19 21 Sep 23
I'm so happy to finally see a Halal KFC in Gloucester, and it didn't disappoint. The food was fresh and delicious.The venue was clean and tidy.

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