Welcome to KFC Breakfast Menu, United Kingdom. They have lots of tasty dishes that you’ll enjoy. Every bite is full of flavor and fun, from crunchy chicken to delicious bacon.

What’s cool about KFC’s breakfast is that they mix classic breakfast foods with their unique twist. You can try things like the Chicken AM, which has KFC’s famous chicken in it, or the Bacon and Egg Roll, which is simple but tasty.

KFC Breakfast Menu & Price

At KFC, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. They have filling meals like the Chicken AM Meal and more straightforward options like the Bacon Roll. It’s affordable, so you can enjoy a yummy breakfast without spending too much money.

KFC Breakfast Menu

Breakfast MenuPrice
Chicken AM£2.49
Chicken AM Meal£3.49
Bacon Roll£1.75
Bacon and Egg Roll£1.99

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