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KFC Leicester | A Taste of Home, Away from Home

KFC Leicester holds a special place in the culinary scene of the city, serving as a pivotal destination for those seeking the globally cherished Kentucky Fried Chicken experience. Its importance is not only tied to being part of the renowned fast-food chain but also to its role as a reliable provider of quick, delicious, and satisfying meals.

The story of KFC Leicester began when its doors first opened to the public, marking the commencement of a culinary journey that has left a lasting impact on the city’s gastronomic landscape. As a proud member of the KFC UK family, the Leicester branch introduced the community to Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of herbs and spices, forging a connection to the global KFC legacy.

Noteworthy items on the menu include the Finger Lickin’ Good Original Recipe Chicken, renowned for its crispy coating and juicy tenderness, and the famous Hot Wings.

KFC Leicester Menu
KFC Leicester - Narborough Road

KFC Leicester – Narborough Road

The Narborough Rd, Leicester LE3 2RB, United Kingdom

KFC Leicester - High Street

KFC Leicester – High Street

39-41 High St, Leicester LE1 4FP, United Kingdom

KFC Leicester - Waterside Road

KFC Leicester – Waterside Road

10 Waterside Rd, Leicester LE5 1TL, United Kingdom

KFC Leicester - Fosse Park

KFC Leicester – Fosse Park

Fosse Park Shopping Centre, Unit 11 Fosse Park Ave, Leicester LE19 1HX, UK

KFC Leicester - Belgrave Boulevard

KFC Leicester – Belgrave Boulevard

17 Belgrave Blvd, Leicester LE4 2JD, United Kingdom

KFC Leicester Forest - East M1 Services

KFC Leicester Forest – East M1 Services

Forest East Services, Welcome Break, 21a M1, Leicester LE3 3GB, United Kingdom

KFC Leicester Services - Birstall

KFC Leicester Services – Birstall

 Loughborough Road Unit 1, A46, A6, Birstall, Leicester LE4 3BT, United Kingdom

Jane OrchardJane Orchard
15:00 17 Mar 24
Clean toilets. Plenty of choice for food self service
Sue TierneySue Tierney
20:05 16 Mar 24
The hot food area is a sad, neglected area, not inviting at all.
Claire KilbyClaire Kilby
15:28 11 Mar 24
Phil FinlayPhil Finlay
12:09 11 Mar 24
Adam LewszukAdam Lewszuk
17:58 10 Mar 24
Large, well stocked petrol station shop, but very tired looking and slightly deserted inside eating area next to KFC - not very welcoming. Ended up sitting in the car to eat!
Melvyn AndersonMelvyn Anderson
14:20 09 Feb 24
Zinger Burger was delicious but the tea was awful.
Desai PratiksinhDesai Pratiksinh
22:26 07 Feb 24
Kristian BrocksoppKristian Brocksopp
06:07 05 Feb 24
Staff member was quite rude. No one waiting behind us in the drive thru, but had to pull forward and wait at the cone for no reason
Reinfrancis BondocReinfrancis Bondoc
19:26 03 Feb 24
Good amount of seating around here inside. The toilets can be dirty at times but they are alright. Range of food to buy in the supermarket here. The shell gas station is right next to the store anyways so it’s a good place to park your car temporarily or at the other side.
During my training, I stopped by KFC. The staff was friendly, and though I ordered a meal deal, I wasn't a fan of the drink options. They kindly substituted the drinks with extra chips for me.
Manish ParmarManish Parmar
07:51 16 Dec 23
Andy PlewsAndy Plews
16:49 09 Dec 23
Very poor quality food cold and undercooked
flissi djamelflissi djamel
15:35 09 Dec 23
I always go to this store.It’s just amaizing
John QuilterJohn Quilter
16:42 26 Nov 23
KFC enough said
William AucottWilliam Aucott
17:53 22 Nov 23
Great food with great price range
Rachel YatesRachel Yates
17:38 11 Nov 23
I usually visit reasonably regularly and usually order the same thing, so much one of the managers knows my order. Unfortunately they have new staff and they are not trained so I have had disappointing visits. They missed an item on my order and now didn’t do as asked (plain burgers) so have completely ruined my takeaway for me and my children (2).
Ishar DaleIshar Dale
08:33 30 Oct 23
Horrible place. We went through the drive through and we said hello to the speaker multiple times. The woman didn’t respond and didn’t even tell us to wait. Went to the window instead and she STILL didn’t take our order. Instead the woman told us to go back round again as there is other people waiting even though we’d been in the drive through for about 10 minutes.
Kashif ZeeshanKashif Zeeshan
21:24 11 Oct 23
Collected my order placed through the app. Friendly staff and good atmosphere. In drive through, I was told to park and collect the order from inside the service station instead of drive through like I usually do from McDonald's. Something to consider for KFC.
David MacdonaldDavid Macdonald
16:39 24 Sep 23
Ok. Nothing special. Had to ask for a receipt as the self service machine did not produce one. Food sat on side for 3-4 mins while second burger was prepared. Annoyingly, (as per all KFCs) only diet drinks. Would happily pay extra for a fat Coke/Pepsi!
Los HeathcoteLos Heathcote
20:03 09 Aug 23
Love a KFC...but this wasn't one of the best to be honest... Food only in the bag, no tissues, wipes saltThe bones on the leg meat looked crushed and obviously 'bitty'
Dushyant DooyeaDushyant Dooyea
12:05 28 Feb 24
Service terrible no staff very poor experience
pawel kolodziejczykpawel kolodziejczyk
12:07 26 Feb 24
Very poor kfc , is not up to kfc standards
Damian WilińskiDamian Wiliński
14:33 06 Feb 24
Unfortunately, the food was a disaster. Everything was dripping with grease, the fries were stale.
Sam PorterSam Porter
15:54 19 Jan 24
Not very busy, still had me for 15 minutes, then I had to ask about my order they hadn’t made it, then gave me the wrong order, I only ordered 2 items! Then had the cheek to try and charge me for sauce.
Tine GTine G
20:27 23 Dec 23
The worst burger (KFC burger stacker) I ever ordered. The worst amount of drink I ever received, which in the chain stores costs .50 pennies... I paid for the burger, fries, and the juice over 8 pounds. And about dcl at its most. While, if you choose Coca-Cola, you get 3 to 5 dcl. Disgrace.Seems like this KFC is all about making money and not a fair service.Never buying anything, from any KFC. Secret chicken recipe, not worth it. Outdated.
Jacob ShawJacob Shaw
21:44 21 Dec 23
Dry bread. Mayo had skinned over, soggy lettuce. Can only assume at busy periods they pre-prepare the burger buns with relish. Pre-poured drinks that go flat. Poor quality Zinger chicken with no flavour or crunch. Won’t bother again. KFC can’t do service station food. Never had a good one.
Domenik BuersDomenik Buers
20:37 17 Dec 23
Taste ok, but cold food and non-carbonated drinks (bottled and left not freshly tapped)Worst KFC I've ever visited!
Dawid zielDawid ziel
05:36 04 Dec 23
Tiny portionsCold burgers
Slowest kfc I’ve been to, rude staff told me to go away when I asked how long my order will be
Meg GrabasMeg Grabas
13:15 25 Oct 23
Very poor.Half cup of cappuccino for extra £0.40.Tiny portions. Filthy screens, rude staff.Paid £14.Would never come back.
Emil FiruEmil Firu
19:59 15 Aug 23
Hi just make sure u check ur food maybe u will get as i get i ordered 1 fillet burger and i get what is in the picture attached
KTM LondonKTM London
18:32 17 Jul 23
I tried to order through KFC apps offer. The guy who serving told me this is not part of KFC and can’t get any offer to used. I show him that this is offer I can get from this KFC but he denied. I asked him politely can I have a word with your manager or supervisor. He said no one here. I am surprised that how many times I used KFC apps offer.I have no choice to pay full price to eat.It is absolutely not acceptable world big company KFC is worst customer service.Highly not recommend at all.
Adam KotlegaAdam Kotlega
12:37 10 Jul 23
Totally not worth to bother, overcrowded, not enough of staff, huge waiting times, and when I couldn't order stuff I wanted on the screen been asked to wait for someone who will be able to take order in person (apparently not all staff members can take orders lol)😂Waisted 15min of my life there 😂Any McDonald's near the motorway would be better.
Michael CMichael C
17:36 01 Jan 23
I have no idea why I keep trying, it's been years now and it gets worse on each visit.The ordering process is very much self service these days but the screens are usually out of order (or lots are) and they're arranged in a way that creates a mass scrum / slalom course that makes it hard to wait and then hard to collect your food.On the subject of collection expect to wait around 20 minutes only to receive cold food served by people who clearly don't want to be there.To cap it off you're looking at £10 for a box meal with a tiny portion of chips.Drive on, there's better things out there.

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