KFC Calories

KFC Menu Calories UK | Pick the Perfect Balanced Meal

Exploring the KFC Menu Calories in the UK, we’re here to break it down for you in simple terms. Here’s a look at some of KFC’s most popular menu items in the UK and their calorie counts: Fillet Tower Burger Meal with 600 calories, the Mini Fillet Burger with 290 calories, the Zinger Burger Meal with 570 calories, and the 20 Hot Wings Bucket with 2 Large Sides with 2,120 calories.

Fillet Tower Burger Meal 600 Calories
Mini Fillet Burger290 Calories
Zinger Burger Meal570 Calories
20 Hot Wings Bucket2,120 Calories
Gravy Mega Box1,320 Calories
Flamin’ Snack Wrap335 Calories
BBQ Snack Wrap300 Calories
Boneless Banquet1,290 Calories
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 2 hot wings820 Calories
Fries240 Calories

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