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KFC Coventry |  The Perfect Destination for a Family Meal

KFC Coventry holds a special place in the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors, making it an essential landmark in the city’s culinary scene. The significance of KFC Coventry lies not only in its mouth-watering menu but also in the shared moments of joy and satisfaction it brings to those who indulge in its delectable offerings.

The story of KFC Coventry began with a sizzling start that left an enduring mark on the city’s food landscape. The first KFC restaurant in Coventry opened its doors to eager patrons, introducing them to the irresistible combination of secret herbs and spices that Colonel Sanders famously pioneered. Some of the famous KDC Menu items are KFC Wrap of the Day, Zinger Burger, and Fillet Tower Burger Meal.

KFC Coventry Menu
KFC Coventry - Cross Cheaping

KFC Coventry – Cross Cheaping

10-12 Cross Cheaping, Coventry CV1 1HG, United Kingdom

KFC Coventry - Tile Hill

KFC Coventry – Tile Hill

Vanguard Ave, Tile Hill, Coventry CV5 6UA, United Kingdom

KFC Coventry - Walsgrave Road

KFC Coventry – Walsgrave Road

276-278 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry CV2 4BL, United Kingdom

KFC Coventry - Cross Point

KFC Coventry – Cross Point

Olivier Way, Coventry CV2 2SZ, United Kingdom

KFC Coventry - Court House Green

KFC Coventry – Court House Green

Austin Dr, Coventry CV6 7NS, United Kingdom

KFC Coventry - West Orchard Shopping Centre

KFC Coventry – West Orchard Shopping Centre

 Level 2, West Orchard Shopping Centre, 7 W Orch Wy, Coventry CV1 1QX, UK

sreelekha msreelekha m
21:11 12 Mar 24
Gooly HaidariGooly Haidari
06:32 06 Mar 24
Extremely dirty!
Tafadzwa MawereTafadzwa Mawere
07:16 05 Mar 24
Ahmed Khan YousafzaiAhmed Khan Yousafzai
23:00 01 Mar 24
Consistently ordered from this KFC, always disappointed. This time they sent a zinger burger without bun! Absolutely disgusting, no refunds from Uber. Complete boycott of KFC cross cheaping going forwards.
Tracey SlaterTracey Slater
10:32 01 Mar 24
Have to take day off work . Cold poor quality food .Made me very ill !!!!!!!!
Salad Cream ManSalad Cream Man
08:24 26 Jan 24
11:37 25 Jan 24
John FatokiJohn Fatoki
07:52 22 Jan 24
Suki UchihaSuki Uchiha
17:00 20 Jan 24
Always some items are missing. Never get a full order.
Justin JoyJustin Joy
16:54 20 Jan 24
Usually good chicken as you would expect. But the staff could take extra measures to keep the toilets clean on the weekends.
Sonia PSonia P
18:59 29 Nov 23
Excellent quality meals value for money and a quick service to all of its customers super easy to order and eat in daily.
Sammie TallSammie Tall
01:08 29 Nov 23
Food made me sick.. same experience I had some years ago on my last visit
Tom DaviesTom Davies
00:09 24 Nov 23
Arun KuttzArun Kuttz
16:43 22 Nov 23
Worst kfc I have ever seen soggy hot wings and staffs are not helpful. I had reward of 2 hot wings and I order 2 hot wings all hot wings what I got it's old ones
Deane ThomasDeane Thomas
21:41 17 Nov 23
Vishal RajVishal Raj
15:35 30 Sep 23
Very bad experience.i ordered 8 piece chicken and got within 5minutes. And the chicken is not propperly cooked as well as very cold inside.They prepared it early and just heated and give to me.When i raise complaint the staff treated very badly.I am a regular customer of kfc and facing this kind of issue first time.Very bad and rare experience from KFC
Urbex GearUrbex Gear
19:28 29 Sep 23
Went here to quickly eat something after a long day without food, it was after 8PM and it was not particularly busy. I ordered a simple fillet burger with fries and had to wait for more than 10 minutes while staff was not doing much in the kitchen, it felt like eternity with an empty stomach!
Ibrahim CIbrahim C
18:06 14 Jul 23
The food is tasty but the place needs a lot of care.You must appoint a cleaner. The place and location are great but the cleaning is very bad 😔Also the ordering machine doesn't give a receipt, just shows a number and the customer should remember it and his order to check.Probably you need a new manager.
Ram PrasathRam Prasath
10:33 29 Jun 23
The food and services are good...but they often ll not let you in for eat in ,in the evening time. we are cleaning so its closed - they ll tell like that . however cleaning should be done , this should be look after for customers.
17:50 31 Dec 22
The worst KFC outlet ever. The staff really need to undergo training again. No one using gloves 🧤 while handling our food. KFC app took the money when we ordered but the outlet manager said they have some technical issues for the last 1 month and they won’t be able to fill in the order. The upstairs dine-in area is filthy. The food is usually undercooked or burned.
Tom FoxTom Fox
05:26 13 Mar 24
Great food and smiley staff 😀
Addison MckenzieAddison Mckenzie
20:20 25 Feb 24
Really slow service, need more staff always serving Uber/just eat drivers before normal customers
James HallJames Hall
18:34 25 Feb 24
Food is fine. Restaurant smells bad and is unclean. Toilets bad. Avoid eating in.
Alex GuseAlex Guse
20:00 21 Feb 24
I ordered something and I received other order. They are not available on the phone to solve the situation. Thank you KFC.
Angela WilliamsAngela Williams
18:57 19 Feb 24
Matthew DykeMatthew Dyke
21:26 29 Jan 24
I have not been to kfc Walsgrave some time due to the staff was rude.But tonight the staff in there was friendly and polite what a turn around
Zane ahmedZane ahmed
20:14 26 Jan 24
Anuj ViraniAnuj Virani
15:42 17 Jan 24
Best fried chicken in the city , great quality. Tastes as good as USA
21:50 10 Jan 24
Peter den HaanPeter den Haan
15:15 17 Dec 23
Andrew SaffreyAndrew Saffrey
20:10 30 Nov 23
The food is usually fine, but the organisation is awful. Normally go in to order in person, which in itself is more stressful than it needs to be because the place is too busy and poorly laid out for the volume of pickups. Decided one time to order delivery instead and it took over one hour and arrived cold with items missing. At least Uber offered a refund, but when going to the shop to order in person, the shop had randomly closed and was turning away customers. Probably needs a new set of owners and or a refurb.
16:15 27 Nov 23
Decent food.
Beula KanaguBeula Kanagu
22:37 23 Nov 23
Cra1gbevan BevanCra1gbevan Bevan
22:31 23 Nov 23
It's a KFC... What were you expecting?
Truth TubeTruth Tube
21:50 19 Nov 23
Never a bad experience at this KFC. GOOD CHICKEN AND FRIENDLY STAFF.
Benjamin MurphyBenjamin Murphy
11:46 01 Nov 23
Overflowing with delivery drivers. Difficult to eat in. They risk losing orders. Quite chaotic. Food on the other hand was fresh, piping hot and tasty.
07:19 21 Oct 23
Ordered a zinger tower box meal and was given a regular filet burger. I didn’t think to check before I left as I thought they wouldn’t be able to screw up the one thing on my order. Also waited between 10-15 mins. Not so ‘fast’ food
Tiberiu BurhanTiberiu Burhan
11:45 08 Jul 23
This is the best kfc i tried so far, i just wish they can keep the same quality standard at every single restaurant. Keep up the good work, will definitely come back.
Callum DaytonCallum Dayton
16:04 11 Jun 23
Some of the staff know very little of the menu. Operations of the till were a big struggle. I paid £23 using £25. I received £22 change. Food is good though

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