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KFCMenuUK.org was born out of a love for the iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken, a brand that has been tantalizing taste buds for decades. We understand the excitement of finding that perfect KFC meal, whether a bucket of crispy chicken, a zesty burger, or a mouthwatering side. Our team of food enthusiasts and KFC lovers embarked on a mission to create a convenient platform to easily explore KFC’s diverse menu and plan your next indulgent meal.

At KFCMenuUK.org, we are dedicated to providing you with the most current and accurate information on KFC’s menu items and prices across the UK. Our team meticulously gathers data from KFC outlets throughout the country, ensuring that you have access to the latest offerings, promotions, and prices.

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Our website is designed to make your KFC experience as smooth as possible. We feature a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse the complete KFC menu effortlessly. From classic Original Recipe chicken to the newest limited-time options, we’ve got it all covered. Explore our menu categories to find your favourite fried chicken, burgers, wraps, sides, and beverages.

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KFC big deal for one | A Solo Adventure with KFC’s Tasty Treat

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Step into a solo food adventure with KFC’s Big Deal for One, a fantastic offer priced at just £3.99. This special meal includes one piece of KFC’s famous Original Recipe chicken made with fresh chicken, never frozen, marinated in a secret mix of 11 herbs and spices, and cooked just right in KFC’s special pressure…

KFC 2.99 deal | Treat Your Taste Buds

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Get ready for a tasty deal at KFC. The KFC boneless deal 2.99 specials bring you a mix of chicken, fries, and sides that won’t empty your wallet. Loved by many, these limited-time offers make grabbing a satisfying and affordable meal a breeze. It’s a pocket-friendly way to enjoy the finger-licking goodness of KFC without…

KFC Deals Today | Treat Your Taste Buds

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Get ready for a tasty treat without spending too much! Starting from November 13th, 2023, until January 1st, 2024, KFC is offering some amazing deals. You can grab the Gravy Mega Box for just £3.99, enjoy 2 Hot Wings for only 99p, and finish it with a yummy Cookie and coffee combo for £2.39. Special…

KFC Bucket Deals UK | KFC’s Tasty Treats Unveiled

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Discover a world of deliciousness with KFC’s fantastic bucket deals in the UK, making your fried chicken cravings even more enjoyable and affordable. KFC Bucket Deals includes Bargain Bucket, which takes centre stage, offering options for all appetites, from 6 to 14 pieces, providing a satisfying feast for sharing or a hearty individual meal. Make…
kfc tuesday deal

KFC Tuesday Deal | A Feast of Fried Chicken Awaits

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On Tuesdays, KFC invites you to indulge in a clucking great deal: nine pieces of their signature Original Recipe fried chicken for just £5.99. This limited-time offer is perfect for sharing with friends and family or enjoying a satisfying solo feast. Don’t miss out on this tasty deal, available every Tuesday from July 26 to…

KFC Double Dinner Deal | Double the Flavor, Double the Fun

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Introducing the KFC Double Dinner deal – a super special offer where you get two yummy Fillet Burgers, two regular fries, and four hot wings, all for just £6.99! This fantastic deal was up for grabs from 12th June to 23rd July 2023. It became a big hit among couples and friends who wanted a…
KFC Calories

KFC Menu Calories UK | Pick the Perfect Balanced Meal

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Exploring the KFC Menu Calories in the UK, we’re here to break it down for you in simple terms. Here’s a look at some of KFC’s most popular menu items in the UK and their calorie counts: Fillet Tower Burger Meal with 600 calories, the Mini Fillet Burger with 290 calories, the Zinger Burger Meal…

KFC Bridgend | Where Flavor Meets Convenience

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If you’re hungry in Bridgend and want a tasty meal fast, KFC Bridgend is the place to be. It’s not just a place for a quick bite; it’s a yummy spot that everyone in Bridgend loves. KFC Bridgend is part of a big fast-food chain known all over the world. It’s not just about fast…
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KFC Basingstoke | The Taste of Tradition, Made Fresh

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KFC holds a special place in the city’s food scene for the folks in Basingstoke craving a quick and tasty meal. KFC Basingstoke is more than just a fast-food joint; it’s a hub of deliciousness that caters to locals and visitors. As part of the globally renowned fast-food chain, KFC brings not only the convenience…

KFC Derry | Your Craving for Fried Chicken Ends Here

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For all the foodies in Derry, KFC stands as a cornerstone of quick and delicious eats. KFC Derry holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, contributing to the city’s vibrant food culture. As part of the globally recognized fast-food chain, KFC brings not just a convenient dining option but also…
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KFC Gloucester | The Perfect Meal for Every Occasion

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If you’re a fast-food enthusiast or just someone looking for a tasty bite in Gloucester, KFC Gloucester is the go-to spot. This beloved eatery has become a vital part of Gloucester’s dining scene, serving up delicious and finger-licking-good food that has won the hearts of both locals and visitors. KFC Gloucester became a local favourite,…
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KFC Blackburn | Where Taste Buds Come Alive

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KFC Blackburn is a place where you can find yummy food. It is a fast-food restaurant that has become very popular in Blackburn. They have a menu of tasty food that has been making people happy for a long time. KFC Blackburn started when people began to want crispy, juicy fried chicken. KFC Blackburn opened…
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KFC Ipswich | Your Flavorful Journey with KFC

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KFC Ipswich has become an integral part of the city’s fast-food landscape, known for its finger-licking-good chicken and a menu that caters to diverse tastes. As a renowned global fast-food chain, KFC Ipswich has established itself as a place to satiate one’s hunger and as a cultural touchstone, reflecting the city’s love for flavorful and…
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KFC Swindon | The Home of Bucket-Worthy Chicken

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In the middle of Swindon, KFC is popular. It’s easy to spot with its red and white stripes. People from Swindon and even visitors love it because of its tasty chicken. KFC is known for having delicious chicken, an important part of the food scene in Swindon. KFC Swindon is part of a big family…
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KFC Bristol | Where Every Bite is a Burst of Flavor

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As a globally recognized fast-food giant, KFC has firmly established itself as a beloved destination for those craving the unmistakable taste of its legendary fried chicken. Bristolians, like many across the world, have embraced the iconic red-and-white-striped buckets and the finger-licking goodness that accompanies them. Fried Chicken Haven has been serving up a delightful array…

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