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KFC Belfast | The Perfect Treat for a Day Out

KFC Belfast stands as a popular spot in the world of fast food, playing a significant role in the globally recognized Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chain. This local eatery in Belfast holds a special place for both residents and visitors, not just for its quick and tasty meals but also for the communal experience it provides.

The tale of KFC Belfast began when its doors first opened to the public, introducing the globally renowned flavors of KFC to the vibrant streets of Belfast. Since its inception, the KFC menu in Belfast has become a culinary cornerstone, offering a menu that caters to various tastes.

The menu showcases iconic items with balanced calories such as the Original Recipe Chicken, Finger Lickin’ Good Burgers, and the well-known KFC Bucket.

KFC Belfast Menu
KFC Belfast - Donegall Place

KFC Belfast – Donegall Place

15 Donegall Pl, Belfast BT1 5AA, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Boucher Road

KFC Belfast – Boucher Road

35 Boucher Rd, Belfast BT12 6HR, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Bradbury Place

KFC Belfast – Bradbury Place

1-6 Shaftesbury Square, Bradbury Pl, Belfast BT7 1RS, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Castle Court

KFC Belfast – Castle Court

Unit 1 Royal Ave, Belfast BT1 1DD, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Yorkgate

KFC Belfast – Yorkgate

Brougham St, Yorkgate, Belfast BT15 1WA, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Shankill Road

KFC Belfast – Shankill Road

2-16 Shankill Rd, Belfast BT13 1DS, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Donegall Road

KFC Belfast – Donegall Road

Park Centre, 428-444 Donegall Rd., Belfast BT12 6HS, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Ballyhackmore

KFC Belfast – Ballyhackmore

327-329 Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT5 6HX, United Kingdom

KFC Connswater - Arches Retail Park

KFC Connswater – Arches Retail Park

Connswater Greenway Arches Retail Park, Belfast BT5 5LP, United Kingdom

KFC Finaghy - Upper Lisburn Road

KFC Finaghy – Upper Lisburn Road

141-143 Upper Lisburn Rd, Finaghy, Belfast BT10 0LH, United Kingdom

KFC Belfast - Abbey Shopping Centre

KFC Belfast – Abbey Shopping Centre

Abbey Shopping Centre, Longwood Rd, Newtownabbey BT33 6LG, United Kingdom

KFC Newtonabbey

KFC Newtonabbey

51 Church Rd, Newtownabbey BT36 7LG, United Kingdom

rajesh murugan (mr_fr)rajesh murugan (mr_fr)
11:53 25 Mar 24
Stuart HaireStuart Haire
17:37 21 Mar 24
Marco BellanteMarco Bellante
18:50 18 Mar 24
Very welcoming place, located in an area of ​​the town, excellent food and very affordable prices.
Ashleigh McNeillAshleigh McNeill
12:35 18 Mar 24
Food wasnt the usual standard, chips had peppery taste, chicken didnt taste like chicken it tasted off to be honest. The place was suppose to open 11am but didnt open the shutters until 10mins later quite dissappointing, WONT BE BACK AGAIN
Swathy Krishna JSwathy Krishna J
13:17 11 Mar 24
Today, I had a disappointing experience from this place. As a frequent visitor to this establishment, I've always enjoyed the food and service. However, today's visit left me deeply disappointed and frustrated.My five-year-old son urgently needed to use the restroom, and I approached a staff member who was cleaning on the ground floor for the passcode. Instead of offering assistance, she demanded a receipt, which I didn't have as I couldn't wait in the queue due to my son's urgent need. Her mannerisms made me feel as if I was being accused of wrongdoing.Thankfully, the billing staff were understanding and provided me with the passcode. However, when I mentioned the incident to them, I was met with hostility from another staff member who began yelling at me, claiming that their colleagues were simply "doing their job." This lack of empathy and professionalism was shocking and unacceptable.It's disheartening to see such disregard and insult for customer needs and basic courtesy, especially when dealing with children. This experience has tarnished my perception of KFC, and I'm saddened to see that I'm not the only one to have encountered such behavior, as evidenced by similar reviews.Customer service is about more than just completing tasks; it's about empathy, understanding, and making customers feel valued. Unfortunately, the staff at this KFC outlet seem to have missed this memo entirely.In the future, I hope to see a significant improvement in staff training and customer handling at this location.
Naman ThukralNaman Thukral
22:59 18 Feb 24
Is very safe if you left anything behind
02:34 02 Feb 24
Krystle MateerKrystle Mateer
13:25 30 Jan 24
Digusted at the behaviour of floor staff .. I asked for number for toilet as my 2 year old needed the toilet , she proceeded to say receipt, I needed one numerous times , I told her I was going to order food but after I took my 2 year old to the toilet .. she kept pointing to the queue , oh yes it was 1 o'clock so the queue was so long , no way could my child hold it in .. I said please its for my child , I am ordering food after , she then said the toilet is open to customers , pointed to the lift and said the lift was broke and that I needed to leave pram down the stairs as the lift was broken.. so I asked her could she keep an eye on my pram to I get bk she said no .. so anyway on that note I thought the toilet didn't need a code then so I walked the child up to the toilet to find it was locked .. Well bk down we went , queue mentally long, so we just has to leave..Lost out on a sale just because I couldn't take my child to the toilet , yes I understand telling older ppl no but a 2 year old , especially when she is dancing around saying she needed to go !! ( BTW I was on my own so wasn't as if anyone else was going to be using the toilet ) ..
Sean QuinnSean Quinn
21:59 29 Jan 24
Need a password to take a piss. Some staff are incredibly rude, although not all. Approach one lady to ask a simple question and you'd think I asked her for a kidney by the anger in her face from the mildest inconvenience.
Richard ReidRichard Reid
15:24 25 Jan 24
Viridiana CampaViridiana Campa
13:59 06 Jan 24
The worst KFC in North ireland. The chicken was grassy and burned, black around, new staff does not know how to charge. Tables available were dirty. I love KFC but this one made me feel uncomfortable all day long. NEVER AGAIN!
kathey Rodriguezkathey Rodriguez
20:41 29 Dec 23
sue emminssue emmins
08:03 27 Dec 23
J CaugheyJ Caughey
15:13 26 Dec 23
called into this place today sat a table that wasn't cleared as there was a chicken leg left on the table in a small bag. 2 menbers of staff standing about on the floor doing nothing food wasn't enjoyable either,,
Callum AndersonCallum Anderson
16:14 12 Dec 23
Got some food in here with family on Sunday. Ordered a bucket of chicken, mini fillets and hot wings. The hot wings were fully pink and in some parts red in the inside and were very undercooked. Our 2 pots of gravy were past there sell by date. The mini fillets and chicken were also extremely wet and even after drying them water was coming out in the inside and to top it all off when I went to the toilet to be sick, the doors had a passcode and the men’s were out of order. Not to even mention the stink and how dirty it was in the restaurant. This has left an extremely bad impression of kfc on my family and we will not be eating your food for some time. My message to customers would be, PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE! YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
Charlie McClurgCharlie McClurg
11:47 18 Nov 23
The only reason my visit to this kfc store was exceptional was the pure delight of one of the staff known as Jeremy what a great young enthusiastic lad he should be the face of this store.
Peter FitzpatrickPeter Fitzpatrick
12:54 19 Jul 23
Food arrived as soon as i ordered it and its one of my favourite fast food places to go. I had the zinger today and it tasted amazing!
Robin VincentRobin Vincent
21:43 19 Jun 23
I recently visited KFC on Donegall Place, and I must say that it was a satisfying experience. Located in a bustling area, the restaurant had a vibrant atmosphere and a welcoming staff.First and foremost, the food at KFC was exceptional. As a fan of fried chicken, I was delighted by the crispy and flavorful chicken pieces. The coating was perfectly seasoned, and the meat inside was juicy and tender. The menu offered a variety of options, from classic chicken buckets to burgers and wraps. I particularly enjoyed their signature Original Recipe chicken, which had a delicious blend of herbs and spices.The service at KFC was efficient and friendly. The staff members were attentive and took the time to answer any questions I had. The food was prepared quickly, and my order was served hot and fresh. The restaurant itself was clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment to enjoy the meal.One aspect that could be improved upon was the seating arrangement. The restaurant was often crowded, and finding a seat during peak hours proved challenging. However, this is a testament to the popularity of the establishment.In terms of value for money, KFC provided reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of food served. The portion sizes were generous, ensuring that customers left satisfied and content.Overall, my experience at KFC - Donegall Place was positive. The delicious food, friendly service, and lively atmosphere made for an enjoyable dining experience. I would highly recommend this location to anyone craving a tasty fried chicken meal in a vibrant setting.
Seby D Silva (Rocker)Seby D Silva (Rocker)
01:49 06 May 23
KFC known for its buckets of fried chicken and combo meals. The salads n wraps are good too. The service here was good as the staff was very friendly too. It’s a nice stop for a fill even if you are in a hurry as it’s located in the center of the city.
David McDonaldDavid McDonald
18:07 25 Nov 22
Worst service and food ever. This place not only forgot an entire meal for my child, but provided only one spoon to for our two kids. They weren’t even half as busy as the McDonald’s nearby. Such incompetence should put this place out of business. A picture is worth a million words and I can’t say enough about how bad this place was.
Wolfe HoundWolfe Hound
12:12 07 Mar 24
love the signature fries.
James McCormickJames McCormick
16:07 20 Feb 24
Very chill place to revise
Danielle MurphyDanielle Murphy
19:48 18 Feb 24
Popcorn chicken is really good
indrani tyagiindrani tyagi
21:42 16 Feb 24
Frank HoldenFrank Holden
13:21 04 Feb 24
Avin PaulAvin Paul
21:15 03 Feb 24
Gerard BurnsGerard Burns
16:12 03 Feb 24
Waited forever for chicken
aisling nolanaisling nolan
19:31 15 Dec 23
Ordered in the KFC app. The order was wrong and the food was ridiculously bad, freezing cold, stale burger bun and soggy old fries. It was inedible
Mac PollockMac Pollock
21:39 09 Dec 23
Was being stared at the whole time I was eating my food and was getting dirty looks because my choose of clothing and told to move into a seat where they could watch us and they also would not stop staring when I was eating, I started by feel uncomfortable by Moht I think his name was and they skipped when I was ordering and I was there for 25 mins waiting to order.
Elaine BellElaine Bell
17:38 07 Dec 23
Yes very good 1st kfc with my dad, very tasty.
Constance SibandaConstance Sibanda
14:55 29 Oct 23
New chips taste absolutely amazing,big improvement from previos ones
Lee lee ThompsonLee lee Thompson
07:56 23 Oct 23
17:07 15 Oct 23
Staff were very friendly and one crew member was very good at advising which options and meals were the cheapest. The restaurant was clean and tidy and staff were managing well given it was very busy. Food was warm and fresh.
Pavol CibikPavol Cibik
20:42 21 Aug 23
Came to kfc to be told they don’t have boneless chicken , basically half menu is missing. Place smells bad , no receipt is given floor sticky service take ages…
14:30 01 Aug 23
Rude counter staff especially one of their team leaders, told me to hurry up with my order, had no manners, the chicken was very dry and the chips were cold, Never would recommend this KFC, also gave me an opened dip that was half empty, And they also gave me a small popcorn chicken instead of a regular. Wouldnt be going there ever again!
Winston CraigWinston Craig
17:24 12 Jun 23
3 piece varirty meal and drink 11.50 bit steep ok ish chickens chicken cant really balls it up🤠🥳👊
Niamh McKeownNiamh McKeown
22:45 22 Feb 23
I ordered from here a few days ago. When I received the order, I noticed that the zinger burger that I had began to eat was raw. A boneless banquet was also ordered and after my niece ate a piece of boneless chicken I later found a fairly large bone within her piece of chicken. I contacted the company and nothing was done nor was my money returned to me. I will not be ordering from this restaurant again after experiencing food poisoning for 2 days after eating the burger!

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