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KFC Bolton | Where Memories are Made Over Chicken

In the middle of Bolton, KFC proudly stands as a go-to place for tasty fast food. It’s like a prominent symbol of yummy food that makes people happy. This famous restaurant is super important in our local food scene. If you’re looking for crispy, flavorful satisfaction, KFC in Bolton is the place to be. It’s known for serving up quick and delicious meals that everyone loves, from locals to visitors.

KFC Bolton has an incredible story, just like other KFCs worldwide. It all started a while ago with a finger-licking idea, and the doors opened to everyone. Since then, it’s become a big deal in the food world, making people’s taste buds dance with joy.

The menu at KFC menu Bolton has some natural treasures. There’s the famous Original Recipe Chicken, crispy and juicy, and the spicy Zinger Burger bursting with flavor.

KFC Bolton Menu
KFC Bolton - Derby Street

KFC Bolton – Derby Street

85 Derby St, Bolton BL3 6HE, United Kingdom

KFC Bolton - Waters Meeting Road

KFC Bolton – Waters Meeting Road

The Valley, Unit 1 Waters Meeting Rd, Bolton BL1 8TT, United Kingdom

KFC Bolton - Bury Road

KFC Bolton – Bury Road

Bury Rd, Meadow Ln, Breightmet, Bolton BL2 6PT, United Kingdom

KFC Farnworth - Albert Road

KFC Farnworth – Albert Road

99-105 Albert Rd, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 9EA, United Kingdom

KFC Bolton - The Linkway

KFC Bolton – The Linkway

43 The Linkway, Horwich, Bolton BL6 6JA, United Kingdom

13:13 25 May 24
We went to the Derby Street, Bolton branch, the place was very quite, only customers on one of the tables, we ordered our food then went to sit at a table, it was hard pressed to find a clean table/chair that didn't have food or use tissues on, food came very quick but it was luke warm. Before left decided to use the toilet, the toilet where filthy, certainly not had a good clean in a while.Needless to say it will be our last visit there.
James MoreJames More
19:26 24 May 24
Poor place waited 20mins in the drive through for overly salty soggy dry chicken with rude and lazy staff members
Al BoothAl Booth
21:53 17 May 24
Very fast service through the drive thru, food was good! Large popcorn chicken, bbq snack wrap & mini fillet burger. My only complaint is a very minor one - which is that there was just one single member of staff working the drive thru on her own, & whilst she was extremely friendly and polite, and was definitely capable at all aspects of her job, there was a delay for our order to be taken, then a delay when making payment & a final delay when receiving our order. None of it her fault though, an extra member of staff working drive thru wouldve provided a much more fluid customer journey and better overall experience. Overworked, but hard working staff nonetheless.
Muhammad Farhan AslamMuhammad Farhan Aslam
21:22 12 May 24
Nice food compared to few other Halal KFC in the Greater Manchester.
malik zeeshanmalikmalik zeeshanmalik
18:23 11 May 24
Not a good restaurant at all chicken smells
Najaf Raza ZaidiNajaf Raza Zaidi
14:52 03 Apr 24
Good halal food option
C 90345576C 90345576
18:51 01 Apr 24
Oliver MacDonaldOliver MacDonald
08:42 30 Mar 24
vaibhavi patelvaibhavi patel
21:55 23 Mar 24
bryn dolmanbryn dolman
17:07 18 Mar 24
Alina JibinAlina Jibin
17:50 16 Feb 24
Ian EllisIan Ellis
08:25 12 Feb 24
Just what it says a KFC restaurant serving the usual fayre. Food was good and the drive through service was also good.
peggy lowepeggy lowe
17:14 10 Feb 24
Latte cold 2 pieces chicken 1 edible the other just scrap no chicken on it
18:35 30 Jan 24
Love the chip. Need more family offers and meal deals.
sehar farooqsehar farooq
12:58 30 Jan 24
17:07 08 Jan 24
We have been given someone else’s orderWe tried to show them but Andrew was under pressure from other who are irritated for long waiting , he just push us to take what we got❌❌❌❌
John MareeJohn Maree
14:55 07 Jan 24
21:23 02 Jan 24
Got stock in drive through, for over and hour and rang up to tell them to move the cars to car parks so I can get out and they said yea but never done it, it’s horrible to, and disrespectful, don’t go to their driveway
Zander TZander T
13:22 01 Jan 24
Hands down the best KFC I have had in years. Basically l have yet to eat at a KFC where a customized order has come correctly.Not only did this occur, the food was hot, tasty, all fresh and the service was superb. The guy serving asked us if we required any mayo or ketchup and brought back. Nice attentions to detail and I have no hesitation in saying this is the best experience in a KFC for over ten years. Yes, that doesn't say much, but other franchise holders should send their staff here to learn the basics.Extra marks for the new fries, the coating elevates these to easily better than the offering next door under the golden arches.Marked down for atmosphere, not because it wasn't clean (it was) but some beggar had slumped himself at the payment window to harass drive thru diners as they paid. In addition as we entered the main entrance, he still saw fit to shout a couple of unintelligible comments in our direction. Made us feel uncomfortable. As the restaurant is off-road on private land, this should be easy enough to deal with.
Johnathan PinJohnathan Pin
19:19 27 Dec 23
Nice place to have lunch and dinner. KFC is always fingers licking good. Service is fast and staffs are very helpful. Nice place to have a quick bite.
David ArthurDavid Arthur
17:26 15 Nov 23
Food was actually ok when we finally got it and the atmosphere was freezing cold , asked if they could put the heating on they said they would but it just got colder and colder , was glad to get back to my car to warm up .
Ste BirtySte Birty
19:21 30 Oct 23
Good service, clean tables but...a contstant stream of take away delivery drivers opening and closing the entrance door every 30 seconds which on a cold windy day isnt ideal.
Sam MumtazSam Mumtaz
11:19 18 Aug 23
This KFC is my local and Halal restaurant so me and my family visit frequently, however, over time the standards are dropping, service is slow, the KFC app doesn't always work and the offers/rewards are confusing or misleading, on my App it said that I could redeem a bucket of chicken strips in store for pick up, so I asked at the counter and I was told its delivery only so that changed all my plans for I had planned to order.Then my sister asked for milkybar ice-cream according to the offer on the app, and they didn't have that available.I think they were short of staff. They ran out of napkins/tissues as well.Seating is very limited and hard to always find a table to sit and dine in.So to sum it up, they need more staff, more seating and more food available.The only good thing I can mention is that the food itself is tasty and has a good standard. If this wasn't the only Halal KFC in Great Lever area, then I would definitely try another restaurant.Oh and I almost forgot to mention, when I couldn't order the food I wanted, I opted for coffee and white chocolate cookie, when I paid and waited for my coffee to arrive, then I was told that there's no white chocolate, so again I was disappointed and just took whatever they had remaining.It's a busy KFC on Derby Street so they seriously need to always stay stocked up and keep on top of their supplies.They could do with better management. I could do a better job anytime.There's parking available on site, I've never had an issue with finding parking.
Stan StewartStan Stewart
06:38 13 Jul 23
Food was good but 20 bucket was 1 short. Only 1 staff member smiled. Atmosphere was good because the company l was with. Eating area was acceptable but the floor tiles were very slippery.
Natasha PatelNatasha Patel
16:59 08 Jul 23
Food always tasty. It can be a bit pricy but definitely fills you up and worth the money. I was very disappointed when I last went, they did not have a high chair for my friends daughter and we were told different things by different staff members. Ridiculous.
stephen princestephen prince
11:01 03 Apr 24
Used drive through so can't comment on atmosphere but I was extremely disappointed to order 3 pieces of chicken to find that 2 of them were wings. I went in and was told that wings were classed as chicken pieces. It was the first time it's ever happened and if it happens again it'll be bye bye KFC. I told the young girl if you want wings you can order wings and this meal would have less than 1 1/2 pieces of the normal chicken meat than normal. Imagine if they gave you 3 wings and she just shrugged her shoulders. #DISGUSTED.
Layton RocheLayton Roche
20:29 28 Mar 24
Cold foodCompletely wrong order deliveredI really don’t know how this kfc can consistently get a basic service so wrong.
Wendy GreenallWendy Greenall
18:11 23 Mar 24
Good fresh food. We had the rice box. Tasty
11:43 18 Mar 24
Boanda Ana MariaBoanda Ana Maria
21:01 07 Mar 24
Hassan SiddhuHassan Siddhu
14:25 20 Feb 24
Muhammad TariqMuhammad Tariq
23:09 19 Feb 24
Elizabeth IshitileElizabeth Ishitile
22:28 18 Feb 24
Most time when I go there is close though.
Andrew BurkeAndrew Burke
19:09 16 Feb 24
Typical KFC
Bazour Esrifarni (Baz)Bazour Esrifarni (Baz)
09:43 04 Feb 24
It's KFC
Hafiz Mohammed IrshadHafiz Mohammed Irshad
11:27 08 Jan 24
The behaviour of staff is very badThe staff is rude they are always ready to fight with customers especially with delivery drivers
Kayleigh WarrenKayleigh Warren
03:02 06 Jan 24
Gary ParkinsonGary Parkinson
08:01 29 Dec 23
Latrel SpencerLatrel Spencer
19:39 26 Dec 23
Chicken is always cooked fresh, hot, crispy and juicy! No complaints there. Fries are a hit or miss. Service for eat in and drive thru is slow, not sure if they’re always busy or what. Plenty of seating for dine it, clean and can order on screens. Plenty of parking too
Dharmesh LadDharmesh Lad
00:07 26 Dec 23
Great location, dine in and drive through. Staff are friendly and all orders have been 100%. Inside is pretty new and a nice place to dine in.Been over a year since I've had KFC in thr UK and noticed the fries have a new signature dry rub dressing, which is not bad, but personally prefer the regular none dressed fries.
Dallas TexasDallas Texas
17:56 27 Oct 23
3/10 typical run of the mill fast foodZinger stacker was smothered in sauceThe piece of chicken I had was the best part of the mealCounter staff not very engagingI liked the efforts for Halloween decorationI Won't be rushing back
Eleanor BattelEleanor Battel
06:43 17 Aug 23
The food here is alright with lots of options but the machines aren't very sensitive and somehow something I ordered wasn't added to the order so had to redo this. Service seems very focused on drive thru orders and using the machines to generate your order as nobody greets you or asks if you need help if you stand at the counter so you can be waiting a while for assistance.
amy hawkeramy hawker
11:31 16 May 23
Drove up to the drive in speaker and got greeted with *yeah?*Ordered and the man on the speaker didn't sound to care much.....Went to go get my food and nothing from them. Just handed me the card machine....after a little wait just hands food and instantly closes door.No customer service. I'm having a bad day too so a bit of niceness goes a long way. Get yourself a jew drive thru attendant.
zeeshan saqlianzeeshan saqlian
23:29 14 Dec 22
If I would have option to rate under score 0 I would defenetly as wings raw ciken same and not even able to lift the burger as the Maio is been put all over the side of the burger not inside. And for not talking about the salad which...... Just have a look at the picture and u will get wt I'm talking about never again.
Manish KumarManish Kumar
07:15 05 Mar 22
One of the best kfc in bolton. I prefer this one to the otherone in bolton. Staff is friendly and never got the order wrong. Food is fresh. Served very quickly. Must try.We had Chicken twister spicy mayo meals.Hope this helps. Thanks

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