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KFC Ipswich | Your Flavorful Journey with KFC

KFC Ipswich has become an integral part of the city’s fast-food landscape, known for its finger-licking-good chicken and a menu that caters to diverse tastes. As a renowned global fast-food chain, KFC Ipswich has established itself as a place to satiate one’s hunger and as a cultural touchstone, reflecting the city’s love for flavorful and convenient dining experiences.

KFC Ipswich has become a staple in the local food scene, offering a haven for those craving the distinctive blend of eleven herbs and spices that characterize KFC’s secret recipe.

The menu boasts an array of mouthwatering options, from the classic Original Recipe chicken to the zesty Hot Wings, ensuring something to tantalize every taste bud.

KFC Bolton Menu
KFC Ipswich - Cardinal Park

KFC Ipswich – Cardinal Park

Cardinal Park, 9 Grafton Way, Ipswich IP1 1AX, United Kingdom

KFC Ipswich - Bury Road

KFC Ipswich – Bury Road

Anglia Parkway South, Bury Rd, Ipswich IP1 5PD, United Kingdom

KFC Ipswich - Felixstowe Road

KFC Ipswich – Felixstowe Road

484 Felixstowe Rd, Ipswich IP3 8SU, United Kingdom

KFC Ipswich - Martlesham Heath

KFC Ipswich – Martlesham Heath

121 Anson Rd, Martlesham Heath, Marltesham Heath, Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3RA, United Kingdom

Debbie SucklingDebbie Suckling
19:51 28 Feb 24
Ordered takeaway delivery delivery fine food awful chicken burger cold not even a leaf of lettuce hardly any mayo half a bag of cold chips and a can of pepsi 7 99 for that disgusting
Cassie SmithCassie Smith
18:37 22 Feb 24
Always getting orders wrong or always missing something
16:14 21 Feb 24
I couldn’t fault the food. But my god the hygiene of the toilets was absolutely appalling. It was disgusting in there. I first went to the ladies toilet with my child. In there, was urine on the floor and seat and the bins were overflowing. Just generally filthy and unsanitary. Was no toilet roll either so we then went over to the disabled toilets but it was the same situation in there aswell with it being filthy, no toilet roll and the bin was overflowing with soiled nappies etc. so ended up just leaving without using the toilets. And had to find some elsewhere. Honestly was a health and safety hazard in the ipswich kfc toilets.
Rakib RKRakib RK
12:22 20 Feb 24
just ordered to eat something in the morning. Got 2 burgers and 8 fillets!! EVERY SINGLE ITEMS ARE SALTY & no flavour of kfc,Couldn't eat and then celled the store!! They literally said i cannot hear you properly, so I called back couple more times!! What a Shame to a brand like this! not even worth a one Star review.
Laura MaccabeeLaura Maccabee
17:46 18 Feb 24
Sidney MeekingsSidney Meekings
19:29 14 Jan 24
15:14 13 Jan 24
Ahnaf MahmudAhnaf Mahmud
00:46 12 Jan 24
Ishan WeerakkodyIshan Weerakkody
09:47 07 Jan 24
What's up with this branch. Never consistent one day good, one day is overpowered with oil, salt and undercooked chicken. Who ever is in charge of the chicken on 06/01/2024, needs to be put on different task...
Gary DodgeGary Dodge
19:08 06 Jan 24
Can hardly drive your car through a drive through. Silly bollards put up and with today's cars it's very hard to drive around. They need removing.
Tom WoodTom Wood
11:03 01 Oct 23
KFC club Park is one of the worst experience I’ve had at KFC. The toilets were absolutely disgusting. There was no toilet roll urine all over the floor faeces smothered all over the walls absolutely disappointed although the service was very quick the staff were rude and ignorant to member of staff outside, smoking cigarettes in work uniform - food was just kfc nothing special
Connor LawsConnor Laws
19:20 05 Sep 23
Food took a good 10 minutes to arrive. My burger was fine however the mini fillets and chips almost tasted stale as if they’d been out all day. They also tasted very bland and not like any other KFC mini fillets i have had
One of the most unhygienic fast food places I have ever been. And I hate to say, I come more regularly than I’d like to admit as it’s next to the cinema.The bathrooms are not very well maintained- the smell can be sensed from the moment you walk through the front doors and the managers don’t seem to care about making sure the teens are polite and at least pretend to like being there.Also, never had a positive drive thru experience. 8 out of 10 times, you’ll be asked to drive around and park while you wait and wait for some poor sod to bring you your meal. Not ideal.There are other options for food in the area. And if you want a good KFC, it’s worth driving the extra 10mins to the one at Anglia Park- never had issues there.
Tye BTye B
18:24 25 Jun 23
So,The best way to summarize is if you put an order through and it's considered wrong you solve the issue without charging it to the customer, the machines were not working so I ordered at the till, they took the order brought the wrong burger out and said i have to pay extra to change it, as it's a fault with the staff I shouldn't have to do such a thing they should reinforce the fact the customer is valued and add what was missing free of charge.The gravy and chips were over done and honestly quite tasteless as well as the one piece of chicken looking more cremated than my Nan Barbara.End verdict Avoid this particular KFC The kids that work there couldn't care less about service.
19:29 09 Jun 23
Absolute disgrace. Toilets had literal puddles of urine on the floor, before i realised i walked out with it all on the bottom of my trainers, food was slow to get out but that seemed expected as the staff were trying but were clearly understaffed
David WrightDavid Wright
23:58 26 Feb 24
Victoria KerriganVictoria Kerrigan
15:47 25 Feb 24
No customer service at all, the girl was standing there with her hands in her pockets! Like she just couldn't be bothered Total disgrace
Stephen LastStephen Last
07:44 24 Feb 24
The place was dirty
Dobby TheHouseElfDobby TheHouseElf
22:49 23 Feb 24
Matt BlissMatt Bliss
14:05 23 Feb 24
Sue MynottSue Mynott
14:47 15 Jan 24
Debbie ShirraDebbie Shirra
00:46 14 Jan 24
Not much coating on the chicken and the chicken was cold. Not happy.
zachary jacobszachary jacobs
22:17 13 Jan 24
Almost every time I either order from here or go to the drive thru, they are either out of products or miss things off my order costing me money.They dont bother refunding me or giving me vouchers now as they just aren't compitent enough to get it right every time. They think I'm making it up now and it makes me sick, my last most recent order came without the 4 x cooking costing £4.99 so ended up spending over £16 for a small boneless banquet box meal delivered with an uber discount.Good chicken though.
Liam LeeLiam Lee
20:29 13 Jan 24
Disgusting and run by children!!! Dirty place surprised someone hasn't been seriously ill!
Julie MarjoramJulie Marjoram
17:41 13 Jan 24
As much as I love KFC I have to say this one has gone downhill in last few years.run by very young kids that don't seem to care .Quality of food is hit and miss.
As far as fast food chains go, this place is on the cleaner side and a boasts a great seating arrangement. Helpful self order screens off set the lack of confidence that the front of house staff display. The kids that work there could do with stronger leadership and more direction as many just look like lost puppy’s that would pee themselves if forced to interact with a customer.They are pretty efficient with their drive thru as I’ve never had to wait long even when they are busy and the quality of food is normally above par… though they have dropped the ball occasionally.The bathrooms are often in shocking condition, under stocked and the smell so bad. The last thing you want walking into any establishment is to smell the bathrooms before you can smell the food. (Poor building planning there).Still, it’s fast food and you can’t expect very much can you?!I will say, their fries have improved drastically.
Leah PetrieLeah Petrie
21:34 15 Nov 23
Unfortunately I’d have to say avoid due to the sheer lack of food they have constantly. They never have gravy or southern rice. The past few times we’ve been they’ve not had gravy or any decent sides. And guaranteed there will be at least 1 thing on the order missing and something wrong with the order such as not removing things when asked or the food being cold. Won’t be going back anytime soon.
Shkurte Gashi-DaviesShkurte Gashi-Davies
22:26 12 Nov 23
The service was shocking. The food was uneatable. The chicken was cold, the brown was burnt, rock hash hard gravy was cold, and the chips were uncooked. If I could -10, I would. I don't think anyone should eat here
Dion BlowersDion Blowers
13:42 10 Nov 23
Out of my last 4 visits in the drive thru my order has been wrong every time , then cued up in the restaurant to get my missing items for 20 minutes so the rest of my order was stone cold , mentioned it to staff but no one cared and no replacement meals offered , it's not like small items was missing either , box meals with the main burgers missing , chicken missing , even fries missing on 2 separate visits.Always seem to run out of sides and even rolls and chickenDon't wast your time
Like AbleLike Able
16:09 09 Aug 23
One person in front at the till. 20minute wait for aero ice shake. £2.50 not even full. That’s all you get they say. Big joke. Milky choc. Delicious, but not sure where the Aero comes into it.

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