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KFC Macclesfield | The Taste of Kentucky, Crafted with Passion

KFC Macclesfield stands as a significant pillar in the fast-food landscape, offering a familiar and comforting experience to locals and travellers alike. As part of the renowned global fast-food chain, KFC Macclesfield has become a hub for those seeking a quick and tasty meal. Its importance lies not only in its mouth-watering menu but also in its ability to consistently deliver the familiar flavours that have made Kentucky Fried Chicken a household name worldwide.

KFC Macclesfield opened its doors to eager patrons, marking the inception of a culinary journey that would become a local favourite. The restaurant, part of the more prominent KFC family, introduced Macclesfield residents to the iconic taste of Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of herbs and spices with ideal calories.

Among favourites are the classic Original Recipe Chicken, known for its crispy exterior and juicy tenderness, and the KFC Wrap of the Day.

KFC Macclesfield Menu
KFC Macclesfield - Silk Road

KFC Macclesfield – Silk Road

Mill Retail Park, The Silk Road Barracks, Black Ln, Macclesfield SK10 2AY, United Kingdom

Robert OrrRobert Orr
07:47 16 May 24
Paula MayoPaula Mayo
09:07 09 May 24
13:00 06 May 24
18:36 05 May 24
Jamie ThornelyJamie Thornely
13:00 16 Mar 24
I'm updating my review from the "Dire wait times and cold food" the other day. I came today and it was good as it has been on most occasions.
Harvey (Gloopy)Harvey (Gloopy)
20:54 15 Mar 24
Uber driver stole my chicken. Restaurant blocked my number.
Gavin JohnsonGavin Johnson
13:00 14 Mar 24
Fast food this is not, 50 minutes wait. 😳
Nanette WarhurstNanette Warhurst
15:10 13 Mar 24
Easy to use payment screens, orders cooked within minutes, the staff are friendly.
Rahmat KaziRahmat Kazi
05:32 10 Mar 24
18:24 01 Feb 24
Food was excellent, but music was far too loud. Staff have to yell order numbers over the music. Why not turn it off altogether and encourage people to chat ? Don't spend that money on a PRS music license, hand it out to your staff as a small bonus instead.
Mike WoodierMike Woodier
13:14 01 Feb 24
Absolutely shocking service, poor customer service, 40 minute wait and the food was thrown together. Very disappointing.
Tech Dude StudioTech Dude Studio
16:30 31 Jan 24
I had to wait for 30 minutes in the morning to get a food. When the boy in front store asked the people behind the store, they were really rude, also there is a masculine guy who wears a grey shirt, he doesn't bother about customers, he was going outside all the time. I ordered a zinger burger but it was so cold. That's a bummer!!
Riya RajeevRiya Rajeev
16:07 31 Jan 24
I prefer KFC for quick take away but it's ridiculous taking too much time to prepare orders👎. The front team members looks helpless to serve effortlessly. The service is poor 👎
Andrew SeafordAndrew Seaford
02:38 23 Jan 24
Lewis BooteLewis Boote
09:06 02 Dec 23
Not really sure why the review are so low… genuinely one of the best KFC’s I’ve ever been… only a few mistakes in the past year I’ve eaten there.Only thing it lacks is a drive thru.
Lee RowbothamLee Rowbotham
10:18 27 Nov 23
20:37 21 Nov 23
Cleaning the place and blocking off access to tables at 8:30pm. Walked in and walked back out. Sort yourselves out.
Craig RussellCraig Russell
20:50 17 Nov 23
If I could leave zero stars I would. Waited 90 mins for my order and the food was still not even prepared, blaming someone else is frankly just passing the buck, absolutely hopeless service. Ended up cancelling the order as they could not even tell me if the order would even be delivered. Complete garbage service, order elsewhere total lack of communication and only found out by phoning them. At this point too late to order elsewhere, thanks KFC you are useless
Rebecca JoyceRebecca Joyce
22:19 13 Nov 23
Edit: amending from three to four stars as it’s been much better the last couple of times we’ve been :)I love a good KFC, and am very glad we have one in Macclesfield now. However, this one is very small, and when the queues inevitably get very long, they’re queueing right next to you as you eat, which is quite off-putting.Our first order was made fairly quickly, but with the second order (to takeaway for someone else), I waited for 15 minutes before enquiring, only to learn they hadn’t noticed the order. Food was all great though, once it arrived!Hopefully it was just some teething problems as it has just recently opened, as I hope to enjoy it here in the future!
Shane BennettShane Bennett
17:57 10 Sep 23
Ordered 2 piece and 3 piece meal tasted ok but one lot of chips / Fry's had about 6 chips probably about quarter of what it should of been in the bag. I had take out so did not know until I got home and it's to much hassle for a bag of chips. Service was slow only person who looked like she knew what she was doing was a lady called Sam 😊so thank you Sam . Atmosphere a part from everyone moaning how long it was taken to get food. Seemed a bit dark inside more lighting
Zinger delicious! Mrs Zinger was massive, mine was small... no uniformity. All should be similar size, that's why 4 star and not 5. Had to order another which was far better.
James PearsonJames Pearson
14:23 22 Apr 23
Ordered two meals via the KFC app for collection. The orders were made up fast enough and although the restaurant was busy the staff were doing their best to keep it clean and tidy. The staff somehow managed to miss part of my order which by the time I had arrived home it was too late to go back but other than that it was ok.
Andrew GaskellAndrew Gaskell
16:45 29 Mar 23
My 2nd visit in 2 weeks. My 1st visit was better, as the wait for food was only a few minutes, and the food was nicer too. Today's visit wasn't as quick, and the chicken was a bit greasy. But otherwise OK.

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