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KFC Peterborough | A Culinary Oasis for Fried Chicken Lovers

Nestled in the heart of Peterborough, KFC holds a special place in the community’s culinary landscape. As a fast-food giant, KFC is not just a restaurant; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has become synonymous with finger-licking goodness. The significance of the KFC menu in Peterborough goes beyond its delicious menu; it’s a meeting point for families, friends, and locals who gather to enjoy the iconic taste of the Colonel’s secret recipe.

The journey of KFC Peterborough began with a flavorful leap into the local food scene. While the exact date may not be etched in every chicken lover’s memory, the arrival of KFC brought a wave of excitement to Peterborough. The restaurant’s inception marked a significant chapter in the city’s culinary history, introducing its residents to the irresistible blend of herbs and spices that make KFC’s chicken a worldwide sensation.

KFC Peterborough - London Road

KFC Peterborough – London Road

London Rd, Peterborough PE2 8AR, United Kingdom

KFC Peterborough - Paston Parkway

KFC Paston Parkway

Eye Road Somerfield/BP Service Area, Paston Pkwy, Peterborough PE1 4BF, UK

KFC Peterborough - Ashborough Road

KFC Peterborough – Ashborough Road

Hamptons, Ashbourne Rd, Hampton, Hamptons, Peterborough PE7 8BT, UK

KFC Peterborough - A1M Services

KFC Peterborough – A1M Services

A1 Great N Rd, Peterborough PE7 3UQ, UK

Matchy CheungMatchy Cheung
23:43 14 Mar 24
It is hard to understand that among the many KFC branches, the food quality of this one is the worst. I have been disappointed after visiting many times.
Kevin. TurnerKevin. Turner
09:29 13 Mar 24
Hot food and polite staff
Irene BlakeIrene Blake
05:50 13 Mar 24
Ricardo RebuzziRicardo Rebuzzi
01:21 11 Mar 24
Sigourney TwiggSigourney Twigg
19:23 07 Mar 24
Given three chance and still seem to mess up the order, final one was ridiculous. Asked for 3 rice box, one to be plain chicken, ended with just a box of chicken no salad, no sauce no rice. WHAT THE HELL?! Don’t bother using this kfc unless you want a huge surprise on how bad they can get it sooo wrong
saibin simonsaibin simon
20:33 28 Jan 24
suganth sugisuganth sugi
17:12 24 Jan 24
Greasy undercooked chicken.
Josie GrosieJosie Grosie
06:17 24 Jan 24
Jasmin WaldingJasmin Walding
00:59 20 Jan 24
Gone downhill especially the price of the food considering the quality it's not worth the money
Renita C.Renita C.
23:33 17 Jan 24
Sharon ElserwySharon Elserwy
12:37 02 Dec 23
Arranged to meet friends here for a leisurely lunch, but it didn't cross my mind that parking is limited to an hour. Overstayed by 20 mins because we decided to have more drinks and cookies - big mistake - £100 fine. Contacted KFC customer care, but they just said that's their policy. First and last visit to KFC London Road.
23:24 26 Nov 23
i like the chicken wings
Tina FosterTina Foster
13:16 26 Nov 23
muhammad umermuhammad umer
21:34 24 Nov 23
The overall experience was good but the quantity of the meal was not good
20:03 19 Nov 23
Eddie kennellyEddie kennelly
08:41 20 Sep 23
Nice place to sit and dine. When eating in, you can expect to not wait around as food does come fairly quickly.This restaurant has been very poor in the past but has got a lot better in recent months. I recently went kfc, and the food was delicious and very filling. It has got very pricey since I last went, but for a treat or one off, I'd say it's well worth it 😋
Anthony MaxwellAnthony Maxwell
11:33 16 Sep 23
Awful - staff were pleasant however, very little interest or enthusiasm in what they were doing. Will never visit again - plus - KFC have an agreement with dodgy rogue parking fine company. Unbelievably poor reflection on KFC!!
Neelam ShahidNeelam Shahid
17:32 17 Jul 23
Stars would be in the minus!!!! Went to the drive thru to get home and get burnt chicken burger. Called KFC and the shift manager's answer was the "food is not burnt the oil is low"... ohhh well thank you that changes the burnt flavour!!!! Shift manager needs training in how to deal with a complaint and an attitude check. Wrong industry mate!!!! The burger is NOT burnt apparently... funny how you didn't mention it when giving the food out. Knowing there is a problem and sending the food out and then thinking you got a leg to stand on! Delusional.... whoever gave you a promotion needs to reevaluate.
Tamanna RahmanTamanna Rahman
06:42 06 Jul 23
Food is good. Love London road KFC but stuffs are very rude.1 star ⭐ for customer service.Be polite to you customers .
Ruski RyanRuski Ryan
21:04 30 Apr 23
Dirty filthy toilets do not a restaurant make, the loos were filty, smelly and sickening, and the floor was covered in urine. Totally put me off touching anything in the building. When you see wet shoeprints leading out of the toilet area and into the restaurant seating and food area it is time to ask questions.
17:33 14 Mar 24
Usually fast and consistent
Gavin HayGavin Hay
12:59 11 Mar 24
Decided to eat in for a change and regretted it. None of the tables had been wiped down, nor were they wiped down while we were there. The toilets are a little cramped. Food was good though, so recommend sitting in your car and eating.
Teresa MarkwickTeresa Markwick
20:25 09 Mar 24
Bushra ImranBushra Imran
19:49 09 Mar 24
Kyle SmithKyle Smith
10:38 02 Mar 24
Not terrible but nothing great either. Not a fan of the coating they put on the fries.
Daniel walkerDaniel walker
09:27 31 Jan 24
We ordered an assortment of different items. Served immediately, but all the food was over cooked or cooked in oil that needed changing. Even the chips tasted nasty. Worst I've ever had. Sorry guys but up your game.
Betz GBetz G
08:04 26 Jan 24
Hit and miss on the food, service is quick but not friendly. Latest visit,dining room was filthy in spite of 4 staff standing behind counter without a customer in sight.Female staff member playing with phone then goes back to making food without washing her hands. No one seemed to be in control
Tabitha MartyrTabitha Martyr
17:31 14 Jan 24
Daniel HusbandDaniel Husband
09:32 02 Jan 24
Deanne DewingDeanne Dewing
17:08 29 Dec 23
The kid who served us was nice! The place was clean enough! I am not a huge fan of fast food, so it was fine, nothing more, nothing less!
Clive HurrellClive Hurrell
10:21 27 Nov 23
Not the best KFC in Peterborough, low on stocks, so some items were not available. Chicken was shrivelled up and dry. Won't be using this branch again.
Jim PayneJim Payne
21:50 26 Nov 23
Worse kfc meal I’ve ever had tonight and it’s been bad the last few times we used this branch very disappointed.
Ross BriggsRoss Briggs
07:15 26 Nov 23
John JohnstonJohn Johnston
12:16 23 Nov 23
Andrew SaffordAndrew Safford
19:29 19 Nov 23
Shobha SureshShobha Suresh
08:37 06 Nov 23
Enjoyed Zigger burger After a very long time with popcorn chicken! It jus melted in the mouth very tender n crunchy 😋. Had an amazing experience and enjoyed eating while watching the rain 🌧 ☺️
Simon FruenSimon Fruen
17:15 04 Nov 23
Nice and hot, have to ask for cuts here, else you'll get 4 drum sticks or wings. Mostly fries hot, sometimes not. Tables needed cleaning.
Kalaraj PkKalaraj Pk
12:45 13 Sep 23
Ordered online for pick up.Good deals comes up in the app.Gravy mega box for 3.99 is fantastic deal for a lunchtime takeaway !!
E StrowthersE Strowthers
18:25 04 Sep 23
Either KFC only know how to employ incompetent people or some of the staff have racial issues. Every time I go to this outlet, I never get what I order. 3 peace's of chicken and a portion of bean's, how difficult is that but what do I get? 8 wings and a portion of bean's. At least my food bin ate well tonight! Don't worry KFC I won't be giving you any more chances to get it Right, that seems to be an impossibility!
Best KFC I have been to.I actively avoid my local KFC. It always takes ages to get served. It's always dirty the staff are miserable and they never have what you want. This was not the case at all here.The staff were trying hard to be polite and profesional which I appreciate alot. Service time through the drive through was adequate. But importantly the boneless banquet was actually cooked really well. The chips had a crisp to them. The chicken wasn't chewy and the gravey was thick. Genuine was actually a great tasting meal.

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