At KFC in United Kingdom, kids can enjoy tasty meals that make them happy. The menu is full of yummy food and treats that kids love. It’s a fun place to eat where kids can have a great time and enjoy delicious food.

Specialty of KFC Kids Menu

KFC’s Children’s Menu is special because it’s just for kids. They have meals that kids like. Whether it’s the Mini Fillet & Dip, Popcorn Chicken, Mini Burger, or 1 PC Chicken, each dish is made to make kids smile and enjoy their meal.

KFC Children’s Menu Dishes and Prices

The menu at KFC has different items that kids can choose from. Some favorites include the Mini Fillet & Dip, Popcorn Chicken, Mini Burger, and 1 PC Chicken. These meals are priced so parents can treat their kids without spending too much money. So, when you go to KFC, remember to check out their Children’s Menu for tasty food at reasonable prices.

KFC Kids Menu Prices UK

MenuRegular PriceLarge Price
Mini Fillet & Dip£2.99£3.38
Popcorn Chicken£2.99£3.38
Mini Burger£2.99£3.38
1 PC Chicken£2.99£3.38

KFC Kids Meals Calories

Chicken Pieces Meal350
Mini Fillet Burger Meal380
Popcorn Chicken Meal260
Veggie Rice Box460

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