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KFC Glasgow | Where Every Bite is a Journey to Kentucky

KFC Glasgow stands as a culinary cornerstone in the city, playing a crucial role in the fast-food landscape and offering a taste of the globally beloved Kentucky Fried Chicken experience. Its significance lies not only in its role as part of a renowned fast-food chain but also in its ability to provide Glaswegians with a quick, convenient, and satisfying dining option.

The KFC Glasgow story began with the opening of its doors to the public, marking the inception of a culinary journey that has left an enduring imprint on the city’s gastronomic scene. As a proud member of the KFC family, the Glasgow branch introduced locals to Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe of herbs and spices with balanced calories, creating a connection to the global KFC legacy.

Notable items on the menu include the Finger Lickin’ Good Original Recipe Chicken, known for its crispy exterior and juicy tenderness, and the famous KFC Tower Burger.

KFC Glasgow Menu
KFC Glasgow Renfield Street Rst

KFC Glasgow Renfield Street Rst

104-106 Renfield St, Glasgow G2 1NH, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Sauchiehall Street

KFC Glasgow – Sauchiehall Street

437A, 437 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow G2 3LG, United Kingdom

KFC Argyle St

KFC Argyle St

178 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8BT, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Pollokshaws Road

KFC Glasgow – Pollokshaws Road

Cuthbertson St, Corner, Glasgow G41 1PS, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Springburn Road

KFC Glasgow – Springburn Road

1171 Springburn Rd, Glasgow G21 1UU, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - London Road

KFC Glasgow – London Road

Investment Park, East Investment Park, Westhorn Dr, Glasgow G32 8YX, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Forge Retail Park

KFC Glasgow – Forge Retail Park

Forge II, FORGE RETAIL PARK, 981, 1179 Gallowgate, Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4BW, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Nitshill Road

KFC Glasgow – Nitshill Road

Nitshill Rd, Glasgow G53 7RH, United Kingdom

KFC Glasgow - Braehead Shopping Centre

KFC Glasgow – Braehead Shopping Centre

Unit 3C, Braehead Shopping Centre, 121 King’s Inch Rd, Glasgow G51 4BN, United Kingdom

KFC Braehead - Brailee Crescent

KFC Braehead – Brailee Crescent

9 Braille Cres, Renfrew, Glasgow G52 4UB, United Kingdom

shammy Rasulshammy Rasul
01:03 18 May 24
This shte made me explode the toilet but the service was really good
Jill BartholomewJill Bartholomew
18:51 17 May 24
Place was a bit grubby, could really do with an upgrade, chips were scabby and the coating on the chicken was minimal to the point that there was no taste! On the bright side the staff were very friendly and helpful.
Weronika BorekWeronika Borek
17:29 14 May 24
I came from Poland and I was very excited to hear about the Hilal KFC. Actually the food was pathetic and the quality was very poor . Food was already cooked but after placing the order they just fried twice . The chicken was soggy and low and the staff was very rude. Actually It was dumb of money . .
21:54 03 May 24
Not the same portion every time, they need to control their portioning
Oyinkansola GbengaOyinkansola Gbenga
23:12 20 Mar 24
Great place to be
19:36 19 Mar 24
Good place to eat
19:25 17 Mar 24
I loved the food the service was great and it was well designed definitely will come back
Vijaya SekharVijaya Sekhar
19:31 11 Mar 24
Minutes with HKMinutes with HK
13:38 11 Mar 24
Unita UnitaUnita Unita
19:14 05 Feb 24
Halal KFC in Glasgow.
Ti NTi N
16:36 05 Feb 24
Food hot. Staff very friendly and helpful
Chris AllenChris Allen
15:07 05 Feb 24
The staff are extremely rude, they all look like they don't want to be there, and make you feel very uncomfortable, like Your custom is a hassle for them 🤣 very poor
Daniel ScurtDaniel Scurt
18:22 04 Feb 24
Noel OlajideNoel Olajide
02:37 04 Feb 24
Monam ChMonam Ch
20:34 05 Dec 23
fatma susofatma suso
22:17 02 Dec 23
Far from what I ordered and am sure that dog food would taste better!
Mubeen AslamMubeen Aslam
13:03 29 Nov 23
I would have given 0 stars if I had a option. Poor service as the chicken fillets were not prepared and I had to wait 15 minutes extra to get my order. Food was not tasty and cooked in hurry. Pathetic service would never go in there again.
Veronica ABAYOMIVeronica ABAYOMI
16:12 28 Nov 23
Sumit Kumar SahuSumit Kumar Sahu
20:08 27 Nov 23
Wasim YounasWasim Younas
01:26 15 Oct 23
I was trying to find halal food then finally found KFC. It was a nice place. It was too busy a lot of people were sitting and eating there. The staff was good. I ordered chicken wings though those were a bit blackish in color but the taste was fine.
Kyfer SoftwareKyfer Software
21:28 09 Oct 23
This has to be the dirtiest Kfc I've ever been in. The tables were all left unclean and floors dirty and sticky. The gentleman that eventually got round to cleaning the tables if you can call it that was dire, with a quick sweep of his dirty cloth he swept the table and remaining bit of crumbs landed on the chairs, he never cleaned it off. I couldn't believe the state of this place..A total disgrace!! Food was dire..NO cutlery or napkins either..What's going on...? The sweet chilli wrap was lacking in so many ways. I'll never set foot in this place again
Shabnam HabibShabnam Habib
10:46 06 Aug 23
I ordered 4 meals which were around £11 each . We ordered large too. The drinks had no fizz. The piece of chicken had more bone than meat and meat was hard. The chicken wings in 2 meals were tiny. There was no flavour. Chips had brown marks on them. Burger was tiny . We had to wait about 20 minutes firstly for order and then was told and other waiters on orders were told too ....there is no chicken 😕 and have to wait another 20 minutes for chicken coming . Terrible. We had a coach to catch 40 miss later. And couldn't finish everything. I am never going back to KFC gor that price the food was terrible. We paid around £45 in total. Service was terrible too. Will just be going to a halal chicken takeaway next time
Michaela MorrisMichaela Morris
22:24 15 Jun 23
Great customer service poor food quality chicken was dry and raw 😔 hire a new cook or train the cook better 🤢
Asadullah UtmanAsadullah Utman
23:37 17 May 23
Good place lunch and dinner with family and friends , ground floor and especially upstairs nice view and quiet environment 👌.HALAL FOOD 😊🤗
Franky McgintyFranky Mcginty
14:41 09 May 24
Went here 9th May for lunch , chips were cold and soggy , chicken was mega dry, place was empty think the chicken had been lying since the place opened , and 10quid for a mighty bucket , last time I was in kfc it was 7 quid i wont be back , sort it out kfc
Robert McLeanRobert McLean
23:12 03 May 24
The service was good, but the food was awful. Costs too much for not enough. Never again
Gary ScottGary Scott
21:49 03 May 24
john keenanjohn keenan
17:25 22 Apr 24
Great location just off M8 motorway at hilllington. Friendly staff. No parking issues.
Avinash P PaulAvinash P Paul
19:19 18 Apr 24
Wasn't busy when I went, food was fast and edible. Good staff.
Krzysztof SidorKrzysztof Sidor
15:47 03 Mar 24
Carol FergusonCarol Ferguson
19:34 17 Feb 24
1of the worst KFC I have ever had the misfortune to use very lazy and incompetent people that work here, seriously would train them to do their job, awful absolutely awful.
v kyathamv kyatham
13:04 14 Feb 24
Graham GibsonGraham Gibson
20:48 12 Jan 24
Liam the manager is definitely on the register. His hard drive requires searching. 🤮🤢
Garfield BadzaGarfield Badza
15:58 05 Jan 24
no complaintsvery quiet so fresh food fast service.restaurant was very clean
Heather ScullionHeather Scullion
22:04 02 Jan 24
My boyfriend ordered and paid on the app to use the code at the drive through for quickness, unfortunately I was sat in the drive through for more than 25 minutes as well as a couple more vehicles. When I eventually got to the window to give my code I was told to wait, this ended up being a 5 minutes. I understand places get busy spells at certain times of the day, but 25 minutes is ridiculous for drive through, especially when the drive through option is for quickness and convenience at a fast food restaurant. Sadly this isn’t the first time I’ve waited a while at this drive through but it was the longest by a substantial amount. If I knew it would’ve taken almost half an hour I wouldn’t have bothered.
Melanie AMelanie A
23:50 27 Dec 23
Alex LeeAlex Lee
13:19 21 Dec 23
The toilets were vile, and the food was average
Jane SmithJane Smith
05:36 08 Dec 23
Absolutely the worst KFC..after waiting 25 mins for my food it was cold there was no hurry about the staff who were laughing when I took my food back and complained nor did the manager even apologise for my meal being cold or the service that I didn't get
Dugald BrownDugald Brown
08:04 02 Dec 23
Rude staff .Undercooked food .This place is just a let down compared to other branches simply because of the rude and under trained staff.
Daria GDaria G
08:19 26 Nov 23
David WoodsDavid Woods
14:35 21 Nov 23
Drive-through staff sounded if it was a chore to serve you fries where all over the bag asked for a bucket for one got a small box with when I ask for a bucket I expect a bucket not everything in a small box
Tried the signature fries and I loved it. Guess it was for a limited time only. Who doesn't love KFC chicken with gravy? I really loved it.
18:17 27 Oct 23
Went in about 11.45am. Think we must have disturbed the staff from a sleep. They were so disinterested, couldn't be bothered to serve us. Food was soggy. No hot drinks.
Lynsey HarteLynsey Harte
19:41 21 Sep 23
Much improvement at this location recently in terms of speed of service. Staff are friendly but the service was sometimes so painfully slow- I am so glad that this has changed because this is my favourite KFC branch. Food is always fresh and hot, and they make the best gravy- doesn't taste burnt like some other branches. Keep up the good work!
Without a doubt THE worst KFC I have ever had the misfortune to use. Only reason I didn’t take the food back is cis it was takeaway n couldn’t be arsed getting back in the car. Not only was the food bad but there was items missing which makes it more annoying. AVOID AVOID AVOID
John NewmanJohn Newman
17:31 08 Mar 23
1715 8 MarchWrap of the day mealBargain excellentVery good friendly fast service

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