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KFC Plymouth | The Perfect Spot for a Lunchtime Feast

KFC Plymouth is a real crowd-pleaser in the fast-food world. As part of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) chain, it has become a beloved spot for people in Plymouth and beyond. It’s not just about the tasty food; KFC Plymouth has become a go-to place for those who love the crispy goodness of their chicken.

When KFC Plymouth first opened its doors in Plymouth, it changed the game for fast food in the area. Nestled in the busy streets of Plymouth, KFC brought a mix of flavours that locals couldn’t resist. From the moment the first KFC Plymouth store opened, it became a favourite for those looking for a quick and delicious meal.

Today, KFC Plymouth offers a menu full of tasty adventures, featuring classics like the Original Recipe Chicken, Finger Lickin’ Good Burgers, and the famous KFC Bucket.

KFC Plymouth Menu
KFC Plymouth - Marsh Mills

KFC Plymouth – Marsh Mills

300 Plymouth Rd, Marsh Mills, Plymouth PL6 8NH, United Kingdom

KFC Plymouth - Crown Hill Retail Park

KFC Plymouth – Crown Hill Retail Park

227 Tavistock Road Crownhill Retail Park, Plymouth PL6 5US, United Kingdom

KFC - 77 Union St

KFC – 77 Union St

77 Union St, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 1TE, United Kingdom

KFC Plymouth - Old Town Street

KFC Plymouth – Old Town Street

10 Old Town St, Plymouth PL1 1DD, United Kingdom

KFC Plymouth - Mutley Plain

KFC Plymouth – Mutley Plain

33 Mutley Plain, Mutley, Plymouth PL4 6JG, United Kingdom

KFC Plymouth - Wolseley Road

KFC Plymouth – Wolseley Road

565 Wolseley Rd, St Budeaux, Plymouth PL5 1UD, United Kingdom

russell smythrussell smyth
23:09 20 Mar 24
Peter J HazellPeter J Hazell
18:12 09 Mar 24
Clean and helpful staff
Peter SmithPeter Smith
21:01 23 Feb 24
William HamblyWilliam Hambly
09:21 23 Feb 24
Good deal
Dean FarleyDean Farley
13:31 21 Feb 24
Usually a nice.place to visit. With friendly staff and fast service. However on this occasion they had workmen upstairs repairing the seats. Wouldn't normally bother me but they were using a really strong smelling glue which absolutely stank upstairs. So much so that I gathered my food up and went and ate it in the car. I bet the glue being used says use in a well ventilated area.
timothy luckhamtimothy luckham
09:04 12 Feb 24
Gail DanielsGail Daniels
18:49 10 Feb 24
Absolutely rubbish! Had a quorn burger, its was stone cold, chips were soggy and cold as were the beans! Don't waste your money!! Couldn't go back as had as takeaway! KFC should be a shamed of themselves. With the cost of living tonight was treat night. Completely wasted our money!!! Extremely angry
john daviesjohn davies
20:40 06 Feb 24
customer service is a joke bloke on the till would rather chat rubbish to his mate then serve customers at the till only one working was the cleaner avoid at all costs
paul sheldonpaul sheldon
10:29 24 Jan 24
KFC seem to employ staff that don't look like they want to be their, slow, dumb & lazy is standard at all KFC's in Plymouth.
stephen etimbukstephen etimbuk
07:28 23 Jan 24
Roger MooreRoger Moore
17:59 31 Dec 23
Took order outside then at the cubicle then picking food up and still got the order wrong 3 times come on KFC get it right
Craig DaviesCraig Davies
06:41 28 Dec 23
Great place to stop. Little disappointed last time we were there due to some teenagers throwing napkins and straws around and swearing. KFC staff did come up and ask them to leave.
Rob ListerRob Lister
16:37 27 Dec 23
Good food arrived at our table fast
Robert OatesRobert Oates
23:24 26 Dec 23
An average KFC! Occasionally messes up the orders and occasionally has rude staff, but if you're looking for your finger licking chicken in the Marsh Mills area the go for it.
Chris CookeChris Cooke
15:16 24 Dec 23
Dan MorrisDan Morris
12:49 22 Nov 23
The food is amazing! Their new fries are absolutely gorgeous. The food arrived quickly and the atmosphere was good too.
Mike WazowskiMike Wazowski
16:03 06 Nov 23
Food was bloody brilliant, ignore all the bad comments they’re all gypsys who want free food and a reason to complain when nothing is wrong but that’s the problem in the modern world people just want a reason to complain! Been coming here for years now and not once have they let me down, service is amazing as usual and some good looking chaps there too
Shell MooresShell Moores
20:38 31 Oct 23
Manger is rude and unhelpful. Half our order was missing and the just eat driver could also see from the lack of food and what was on the receipt the our order was missing items. He then offered to return what we did get and get them to fix it. When he rang us we spoke to what we were told was the manager who basically told us there is nothing wrong with our order even after admitting items were missing and point blank refused to help in any way. The customer service from kfc was absolutely disgusting and I will not be returning anytime soon. This is just one of many mistakes made by this Kfc
jemma goodwinjemma goodwin
23:15 19 Sep 23
I went to KFC for a late night dinner. I ordered two box meals paid extra for a milkshake and an extra bit of chicken. When I went to pick up my order they told me that they couldn't do my milkshake of which I was charged extra for because the machine was turned off(this is the second time this has happened.) they then didn't even refund the extra charge I paid and gave me my meal. Which I was soon to find out was cold. And the actual chicken I paid for wasn't even given to me and was found in the staff section.Monkeys could've done a better job when it comes to the service.Disappointed is an understatement I will not be returning
Nic BertNic Bert
10:51 03 Aug 23
Awful!We had family visiting and decided to take a day off from cooking and treat ourselves .The food was bad , dry cold and missing items from the sharing bucket. Very expensive for what you get , it is not even worth the money if it was good quality .Staff are so unfriendly and abrupt , we stood waiting at the till to be served for 15 minutes before anyone even looked in our direction We had only cash so could not use self service but this should not be an issue . When we were eventually acknowledged it was very cold service much like the food given .We have had issues in the past with this KFC beforehand but decided to try again after a year to see if improved and took a chance on it . Lesson learned and will never use this or any KFC again . KFC have lost the customer care long time ago and it has never returned .Staff are uninterested , food is awful and the place is dirty .This KFC wont last long because people I have spoken to about it have also had a bad experience and not all people will write a review, they just do not return .KFC looks quiet most days so it is starting to feel the effect of its bad service .Never again for me .
Shaun P j (VADER70)Shaun P j (VADER70)
12:22 27 Mar 24
Didn't receive my last order, delivered by just eat. Or wasn't delivered.
Lucy MLucy M
12:30 26 Mar 24
Average. But kind of expected from a fast food chain restaurant. Filled me up but was a one off visit. Garlic mayo is tasty though!
David SansomDavid Sansom
14:31 16 Mar 24
Very limited choice no wings no fillets
Andy HicksAndy Hicks
17:22 09 Mar 24
Amazing food
Soraya AyaSoraya Aya
23:27 29 Feb 24
Poor service, the server very rude, ordered takeaways and not put in inside paper bag, after I asked for the paper bag she gave me slide it very rude, and I told here she needs to get proper customer service and more hospitality training, still can't accept this.
John BendingJohn Bending
16:11 27 Jan 24
KFC in old town street is the best in Plymouth staff r very good did not wait to long for my food cleanness very very good
15:54 27 Jan 24
Wouldn’t recommend, Gave wrong items, smaller portions and bad service when I said something
Simon LeaSimon Lea
12:39 22 Jan 24
Love KFC, but the place is far too small.
Rob ListerRob Lister
17:42 19 Jan 24
Chicken 🐔
Max MilesMax Miles
14:10 10 Jan 24
Sergio Daniel MartinsSergio Daniel Martins
22:18 30 Dec 23
I was very disappointed, with flu in the air and covid new variet, and gave it as napkins a wet paper towel roll, which use in factories in a dispenser, the food its outstanding, but this restaurant don't care much about cleaness
graca neemagraca neema
15:03 26 Dec 23
Always congested with no place to seat
19:24 15 Dec 23
The staff cleaned the table when asked and were friendly. Service was quick and the food was tasty. More staff may be needed as rubbish was left and piled high but cleaned when asked.... because they were so busy with a long queue of people. Great gravy box and corn. Small KFC but busy.
ungureanu florentinaungureanu florentina
23:08 12 Dec 23
shity beanshity bean
17:14 08 Dec 23
Jack RichardsJack Richards
19:25 02 Oct 23
Untidy,unclean restaurant with staff who don't have basic customer service skills. That's if you can even find a member of staff to interact with.To be fair I have no complaints about the food but this is the second time in recent months I have been left very disappointed in the poor customer service I have received.None of the staff seemed interested in serving anyone,smiling or helping with any issues.With slim chickens and Popeye's very near by, I think I'll be going to one of them next time.I include photos of how untidy the restaurant was with no clean tables to sit at. It wasn't even particularly busy.And when someone did eventually start clearing the tables I noticed he went back behind the counter to serve food without washing his hands. Disgusting.I won't be back.
15:07 18 Sep 23
Food was hot and fresh, the server was polite and quick too. It was busy but not so much I couldn't find a table to sit at.
22:51 28 Aug 23
Friendly staff and quick service.The only thing that let it down was the limited seating.
Tanya AndrewsTanya Andrews
06:43 12 Aug 23
I feel this place is too small for how busy it was. People staring at others hoping they are going to leave so there are empty seats. Staff were efficient
Rüdiger SchneiderRüdiger Schneider
19:44 31 Jul 23
It was the first time I visited this KFC. The order was very quickly and easily made. The guy at the counter told me he would bring the food as there was not much going on. But then his boss must have decided otherwise and yelled our number as we didn’t react immediately because we expected to be served as promised. Nevertheless the rice was good and so was the chicken.

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