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For all the foodies in Derry, KFC stands as a cornerstone of quick and delicious eats. KFC Derry holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, contributing to the city’s vibrant food culture. As part of the globally recognized fast-food chain, KFC brings not just a convenient dining option but also a flavorful experience that resonates with the community’s love for tasty meals on the go.

The story of KFC Derry’s culinary landscape offers the distinctive taste of Kentucky-style fried chicken to eager patrons. The KFC menu Derry is a treasure trove of delectable options, ranging from the timeless Original Recipe chicken to the spicy kick of Hot Wings.

Each item with balanced calories is prepared with KFC’s secret blend of eleven herbs and spices, creating a taste that is both iconic and irresistible.

KFC Derry Menu
KFC Londonderry - Lesley Retail Park

KFC Londonderry – Lesley Retail Park

144 Strand Road Lesley Retail Park, Londonderry BT48 7PB, United Kingdom

Nigel KellyNigel Kelly
18:20 28 Apr 24
19:54 21 Apr 24
Worst kfc you could go to. Staff are useless and either get orders wrong or overcharge you. We ordered one meal and 2 original recipe chicken and it came to about £19 and I asked if that was the right order as it seemed expensive. The girl at the till said 'yeah the prices are ridiculous'. Then she realised she'd charged me for 4 chicken and got a manager who just handed me a fiver out of the till even though I paid by card. The place is so dirty, it needs shutting down
10:05 20 Apr 24
Daniel CoulterDaniel Coulter
17:32 06 Apr 24
Staff need to learn how to clean place a dirty hole
Sibin vargheseSibin varghese
14:50 05 Apr 24
John ShielsJohn Shiels
20:27 05 Mar 24
Worst KFC we've ever been at. Not even 8pm at night, and no chips, no chicken. This has happened numerous times. Place is an absolute joke. KFC has really went to the dogs. If they need advice on running a business contact me. Don't know how the management isn't seeing that staff there couldn't be bothered to stick on chips and chicken. Or maybe it's the manager that needs looked at. Absolutely horrendous
Nigel KinnairdNigel Kinnaird
22:04 01 Mar 24
I cannot complain about service or food . . . . Its a KFC ( chicken feck sake )
mama shahangmama shahang
04:05 26 Feb 24
Sheree MclaughlinSheree Mclaughlin
17:00 24 Feb 24
Slowest and coldest food place in derry... waiting 30 minutes to just order food and not even busy even though it says a little busy.. seriously this place needs to go
Rory MccarronRory Mccarron
21:49 08 Feb 24
Walked in to order a takeaway for my family on my sons 10th birthday. We visit this kfc once a fortnight as treat for my children costing £30 +. After ordering on the touch screen I waited patiently while I watched people who ordered before me get served first. Throughout my visit I couldn't help but notice what looked like a male senior member of staff casually leaning over a till talking continously to a girl. This guy with a black baseball cap covered in badges, glasses and the white teeth had not one care in the world as other staff frantically made up orders for customers. Forgive me but is KFC not a multi national company with standards that employees must adhere to!? This was more like a local corner shop selling newspapers! Does KFC not have quality checks on food being prepared and served to the public? When returning home, the order was completely wrong, food was missing and everything was cold and couldn't be eaten. Disappointing was an understatement. As a public facing organisation with questionable standards in appropriate staffing, you out did yourself this evening. This sort of information should be passed to senior management to return the quality of both staff and especially food!
Jijo JoseJijo Jose
01:14 17 Jan 24
Katrina ReynoldsKatrina Reynolds
22:26 13 Jan 24
The young fella at the the front of the desk was fantastic , I've been to kfc loads off time and never felt to leave a review before, but the young gentle man deserve a nice and complimentary review he was so so nice and help full, it was around 4.30 today,well done u, u will go far young sir
Darshana ArunapriyaDarshana Arunapriya
17:41 11 Jan 24
Low to avarage quality potato chips, most of it was thrown away.
Eldho KurianEldho Kurian
01:45 09 Jan 24
Rory SmithRory Smith
22:01 08 Jan 24
Keith JacksonKeith Jackson
14:04 11 Nov 23
Just like walking into the United nations. Not a single person in the front of house looked like English was their 1st language. Had to repeat my order 3 times . I've no experience running a fast food establishment but I would have thought you would put someone who spoke English as there 1st language especially as the machines were out of order .
Rick CoyneRick Coyne
14:34 14 Oct 23
Completely different experience today. Place spotless and excellent customer service, smiles and hot food. All napkins and straws and sauces correct. 10/10 Thank you.
gc dcgc dc
16:37 01 Oct 23
Have been to the drive thru 4 times in the past few months. Something is ALWAYS missing each time.Normally it's the kids corn on the cobs missing. Today it was the burger.From reading reviews seems this to be a common theme at this drive thru. Why is management not addressing this? Will not be back.
Angela McCrystalAngela McCrystal
10:25 30 Aug 23
Second time queuing up in drive through only to be told that there was no chicken dishes available apart from burger or popcorn chicken therefore had to queue to leave minus food...a sign at drive through entrance may have helped. Would suggest a review of supply and demand in terms of stock control may help for future planning and customer service. Never have had this issue in McDonald's
Paul O'BrienPaul O'Brien
19:41 29 Apr 23
We had aanbsolutely awful experience with this KFC. The order was short. Long waiting time. Chips looked as though they had been taken from a previous meal and recooked (photo). Bathroom was filthy as was the floor and chairs of the main eating area.Not recommended for food.I do however recommend that this outlet should be reviewed by the Trading Standards Office.

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