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KFC Blackpool stands out as a culinary cornerstone in this vibrant seaside town. It plays a vital role in the fast-food scene and offers a taste of the globally renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken experience. Its importance extends beyond being part of the widely recognized fast-food chain, as KFC Blackpool provides locals and visitors alike with a convenient, delicious, and satisfying dining option.

The KFC Blackpool journey commenced with opening its doors to the public, marking the beginning of a culinary adventure that has significantly impacted the town’s gastronomic landscape. As a proud member of the KFC family, the Blackpool branch introduced residents and visitors to Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of herbs and spices, connecting them to the global KFC legacy.

Standout items on the menu include Bargain Bucket, KFC Wrap of the Day, and Fillet Burger Meal.

KFC Blackpool Menu
KFC Blackpool - Lytham Road

KFC Blackpool – Lytham Road

302-306 Lytham Rd, Blackpool FY1 6EY, United Kingdom

KFC Blackpool - Devonshire Road

KFC Blackpool – Devonshire Road

170 Devonshire Rd, Blackpool FY3 8AU, United Kingdom

KFC Blackpool - Cherry Tree Road North

KFC Blackpool – Cherry Tree Road North

Off Cy Tree Road North, Cornelian Way, Blackpool FY4 4NZ, United Kingdom

KFC Cleveleys - Victoria Road

KFC Cleveleys – Victoria Road

150 Victoria Rd W, Cleveleys, Blackpool, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 3NA, United Kingdom

Elaine UrcelayElaine Urcelay
10:06 20 May 24
It was good but there was hardley any meat on the bone otherwise it was good .
Ken BroughKen Brough
10:27 16 May 24
Great food very quick service.
Dave DalyDave Daly
06:08 05 May 24
Drive through waiting a long time the product was not up to speck.staff not interested .No receipt they had run out of receipt roll so no proof of purchase.I will not be back.
Graham DarbyshireGraham Darbyshire
07:17 01 May 24
Chicken brest poor quality look like they been buying old battery chickens hardly any meat on them
Alison KayAlison Kay
13:03 27 Apr 24
Lovely food lovely man who served us credit to you team
DJ DevoliciousDJ Devolicious
16:03 17 Mar 24
Food freshly cooked, hot and hit the spot!
Priyja PrasadPriyja Prasad
16:34 13 Mar 24
Kevin ZakrzewskiKevin Zakrzewski
22:41 10 Mar 24
Heather MellorHeather Mellor
12:23 03 Mar 24
lee johnsonlee johnson
20:18 25 Feb 24
Yet again, we have to return because they can't get a drive through order correct, missing a whole.meal, just ridiculous
Lisa KLisa K
17:55 08 Feb 24
Very good services
George KarapiperisGeorge Karapiperis
23:44 07 Feb 24
Alastair SchollarAlastair Schollar
20:12 29 Jan 24
The accompanying drink to my meal was more viscous than the gravy!!. Box meal £11.50. how is it that KFC is getting more expensive but worse!!!
Ann WintersAnn Winters
01:19 29 Jan 24
The lad that served us was very helpful and polite and tables clean
Peter BeveridgePeter Beveridge
17:15 27 Jan 24
Lovely chicken goujons and chips
Karl ThrelkeldKarl Threlkeld
15:15 09 Dec 23
The manager with the beard is so rude. The way he speaks to the staff and customers is unacceptable
Lisa ClarkLisa Clark
09:18 07 Dec 23
Prince ThomasPrince Thomas
22:42 06 Dec 23
The one best outlet I could fine across Blackpool. They have the quality compared to other(s) in the locality. Food was nice. Friendly staff and their coordination was another exception. I recommend them to the people staying in Blackpool even though they are other options.
Pizza PieeePizza Pieee
18:16 06 Dec 23
Food is always amazing. But every time we have gotten drive through food they get it all wrong such as missing food items or 3 pieces of chicken rather than 4.Best going in to get food, checking it to be right and then asking where something is.Seems to only be this KFC location Cherry Tree Road.
Andy OakesAndy Oakes
13:19 04 Dec 23
David BeechDavid Beech
19:36 19 Nov 23
Collected meal which was 25£ all I got was burger and coleslaw,Phoned to advise that was an error, they said there are options1) return to store (No, why should i when you have made an error)2) they would issue a code with is valid for a month (how long is code valid, one month. You loose the money if you don’t use within one month.3) no refund unless I go to store (please see option one)According to your staff I isn’t possible to refund without card holder present. Are you sure you are correct saying this or is there other reasons, for example trust issues
Sharon MayrenSharon Mayren
00:11 29 Oct 23
The food wasn't very hot infact it only just warm the chicken fillets were very small & the chips were just about OK. We moved tables 3 times before we found a clean one. Don't think I will be paying this place a visit again. The toilet were a disgrace & the bins that you put your rubbish in were stinking.
Heera NathanHeera Nathan
19:08 19 Oct 23
Absolutely disgusting service and food. I ordered 12 hot wings , fries, and tomato tips, but I got 11 hot wings and fries only. 1st you should teach staff to cound numbers. Especially 1 lady who is working there she doesn't know how to behave with customs.
Janette slaterJanette slater
20:23 26 Aug 23
Haven't been to KFC in I don't know how long I wasn't familiar with the menu and how the deals worked so a little unsure on what to choose. Fortunately the girl taking orders was an absolute star 😀 she was so friendly and upbeat, knew the menu inside out reamed the options off and made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. So not you're average drive through customer experience. We really enjoyed our tasty KFC and the side of the highest standard of customer service provided by Holly too! 10 out of 10!
David HutchDavid Hutch
12:31 09 Jul 23
Filthy unkempt and should be closed. Toilets absolute disgrace. Falling to bits and blocked 🚫 urine on floor.Tables uncleaned. Food greasy generally wish I had drove straight bye. God knows what kitchen is like.
Dee GreenerDee Greener
19:35 10 May 24
Went tonight Friday 10th May, the food was the worst we have had for months, the coating had a completely different taste, I found 2 dark brown/red hairs about 5 inch long on my chicken, there was 6 bits of chicken which 3 of them was the worst bits ever nothing on them, we were really disgusted with it, will be a while before I go back there, looks like it going same way as fleetwood branch , down the pan 😡
Eric MiddlehurstEric Middlehurst
18:54 09 May 24
Very rude and told me I had a large portion of fries but it wasn't
Pacey BennettPacey Bennett
18:41 17 Apr 24
Absolutely disgraceful service had to wait 15min to even get served! Rude staff and food was also terrible
Gabriela MarinelliGabriela Marinelli
12:55 16 Apr 24
Very busy, food is ok.
Nathan T (N4yy)Nathan T (N4yy)
21:01 02 Apr 24
Was served this evening by Emily, she was so polite and patient when I was asking about which krushems etc. Very welcoming, it was quiet so we discussed our jobs. Such good customer service when an employee treats you and makes you feel like a friendPeople like Emily make business' succeed, rathan than fail
Dee GreenerDee Greener
10:53 27 Feb 24
Iain MacphersonIain Macpherson
15:14 26 Feb 24
Our first visit to this KFC outlet in Cleveleys. There is not a carpark, but we were fortunate to get a space in the road outside the entrance. A nice clean restaurant, wheelchair accessible. It was not busy when we visited, and there were plenty of tables available inside and outside. I think the staff member on duty must have been new as she seemed unable to work the till and initially told me the orange juice I ordered was not available. The back room staff were excellent, and after the order was eventually placed, the food was quickly delivered. We enjoyed our meals. The washrooms were clean and tidy.
Andrew grays rail vidsAndrew grays rail vids
16:36 05 Feb 24
jon pjon p
10:06 29 Jan 24
Staff are hard work but that's what happens when you employ kids.
Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston
22:59 25 Jan 24
Takeaway from here is always awful. It's very expensive for what you get.
Russ BerryRuss Berry
22:29 23 Jan 24
Food was good and fresh, much cleaner than many of the KFC's I've been in over the last 3 or 4 years.
Paul RileyPaul Riley
17:04 23 Jan 24
Dirty tables and the creaked. Which is really annoying when eating with kid's.
Gemma BGemma B
13:07 09 Dec 23
It's always chaos in here - it took 30 minutes from paying for my food to it actually being ready. That's the opposite of fast food.... it was a bog standard sharing box, no changes to the order.Its very unorganised in there- the delivery drivers block the counter and waiting area - it needs a better process for everyone.
Helen BoyleHelen Boyle
20:09 02 Dec 23
I have ordered a few times from kfc cleveleys Victoria Road and I will say the food is good but the service is terrible. Every time I order on line my order has food missing and we have to go out and pick up the missing food but even tho you go out to get the missing food when you have already paid for it to be delivered you end up standing in the kfc shop for 45 minutes or longer. It's a disgrace .instead of all the serving staff laughing and chatting maybe they should pay attention to what there doing and to there customers. Its a piss take .
17:08 29 Nov 23
Recently I had a great experience at KFC. The staff was friendly and helpful, especially a young tall girl, with black glasses. I would definitely recommend this KFC to anyone looking for a quick and easy meal, good taste of fresh food, thanks xx
Andrew BlakeleyAndrew Blakeley
20:43 25 Nov 23
Not always quick and a shame they prioritise delivery drivers
Glen DavidsonGlen Davidson
23:01 19 Nov 23
Adam ArrandAdam Arrand
13:25 06 Nov 23
I drove from fleetwood to the cleveleys store ordered the zinger stacker box meal I asked to swap wings for 1 piece I was given a wing the chips where like wood shavings then the burger the bread was thin and looked like they just thrown the burger across the kitchen I drove back bearing in mind it's a good 20 min drive there all round and manager dealt with my complaint and replaced the meal I get home the burger was much better and I got a better piece of chicken but the chip you get a few normal size on to them loads of shavings the quality is shocking and prices are too high for what you get I won't be using KFC again
Ryan NaylorRyan Naylor
20:47 05 Nov 23
I get KFC quite regular and have been hugely disappointed on plenty of occasions HOWEVER I have recently moved into the area and this was by far the best KFC I have ever had. Ordered via Uber for delivery. Turned up hot, tasty and full of flavour. Even the gravy was thick (a good thing) whereas been like water in the past at other restaurants. I don’t often write reviews but I go out of my way when I feel it is deserved
17:55 25 Sep 23
I ordered my food on just eat and when I received my food it was completely the wrong order, I ordered a burger meal and a wrap and got a 2 piece chicken meal instead, I am so angry it’s unbelievable. Never order from this KFC and don’t step foot in there because I’ve worked there and had experience and most of the staff really aren’t nice at all especially the one with the spectacles and dark hair, they could get away with murder with no consequences.
Janet VickersJanet Vickers
13:22 13 Aug 23
It started to rain heavily as I left KFC on victoria road. The bag burst, to the delete of the seagulls, the food scattered all over the road and my phone ended up in a puddle. The staff very kindly replaced all my food with no charge. Thank you to the staff for your kindness today. We love KFC.
Chris HardyChris Hardy
16:38 15 Jan 23
Standard KFC, chicken was hot and tasty, staff were friendly and helpful plus the store was clean and bright inside. Visited on a Sunday afternoon and wasn’t very busy. There’s no car park or drive thru but was plenty of seating inside.

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