KFC Bucket Deals UK | KFC’s Tasty Treats Unveiled

Discover a world of deliciousness with KFC’s fantastic bucket deals in the UK, making your fried chicken cravings even more enjoyable and affordable. KFC Bucket Deals includes Bargain Bucket, which takes centre stage, offering options for all appetites, from 6 to 14 pieces, providing a satisfying feast for sharing or a hearty individual meal. Make your experience memorable with the Gravy Mega Box at just £3.99, featuring a KFC Bargain Bucket, four Hot Wings, and a generous serving of gravy.

If you’re in the mood for quick and convenient, the WOW Box Meal Deal at £5.99 has you covered with a Fillet Burger, Regular Fries, two Hot Wings, a small drink, and a cookie. Share the joy with the 20 Hot Wings Bucket Deal, also known as the KFC 5.99 deal, perfect for a cozy meal with a loved one. Treat yourself to these mouthwatering deals and turn every meal into a delightful celebration.

KFC Bargain Bucket (6 Pieces)

Price In UK £ 10.99

KFC Bargain Bucket (10 Pieces)

Price In UK £ 16.99

KFC Bargain Bucket (14 Pieces)

Price In UK £ 22.49

Gravy Mega Box

Price In UK £ 3.99

WOW Box Meal Deal

Price In UK £ 5.99

Double Dinner for Two Deal

Price In UK £ 6.99

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